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Answer these seven questions to find out if Trump will let you live in the US

Under 30 years old, with excellent English and a Nobel Prize ... Those are some of the merits that earn points in proposed legislation backed by Trump which would cut legal immigration by half.
11 Ago 2017 – 05:10 PM EDT

Answer the following questions to find out if you would be admitted as an immigrant to the US, based on the merit-based immigration proposal supported by Trump.

How old are you?
Under 18 Not applicable
18-21 6 points
22-25 8 points
26-30 10 points
31-35 8 points
36-40 6 points
41-45 4 points
46-50 2 points
Over 50 0 points
What is your level of education?
Less than a high school diploma 0 points
High school diploma or foreign equivalent1 point
Foreign bachelor's degree5 points
US bachelor's degree6 points
Foreign master's degree in STEM*7 points
US master's degree in STEM8 points
Foreign professional degree or doctorate in STEM10 points
US professional degree or doctorate in STEM13 points
*STEM: Science, technology, engineering or mathematics
How well do you speak English from 0 to 10?
0 to 5 (Poor)0 points
6 to 7 (Moderate) 6 points
8 (Good)10 points
9 (Very Good)11 points
10 (Excellent)12 points
If you have a job offer, what is the salary amount?
Less than $84,774 0 points
$84,774 or more5 points
$113,032 or more8 points
$169,548 or more13 points
NOTE: Salaries are based on the medium household income for the US in 2015: $56,516
Have you won a Nobel Prize or comporable recognition?
Yes 25 points
No 0 points
Have you won an olympic medal in the last 8 years?
Yes 15 points
No 0 points
Will you invest money in the US?
No 0 points
Yes, at least $1,350,0006 points
Yes, at least $1,800,000 12 points
NOTE: Amounts must be equivalent in US dollars, it must be part of a new commercial enterprise in the US, and the investment must be maintained for at least 3 years.

This points-based immigration plan was introduced in Congress by Republican Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton. Bill S.534, known as the RAISE Act, was originally presented in the Senate on February 13 and seeks to cut future legal immigration in half over 10 years ( Read the bill here). It sets requirements such as knowing English or having sufficient financial resources to support oneself. If this plan is approved, many new immigrants, who are currently allowed to enter the United States, would no longer be eligible.

Using this questionnaire (prepared by Univision News and based on the actual scores included in the proposal) you can find out if you have enough points to qualify.

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