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J Balvin brings his buena vibra to SA

Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin performs to a -Sold Out- crowd in the Alamo City
9 Oct 2018 – 01:37 PM EDT

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Rule number five, THROW PANTIES AND BRAS! That was one of J Balvin’s five insane rules he brought to the crowd’s attention –ON SCREEN- before his Vibras concert, which brought the best vibes to the Alamo City and will undoubtedly be embedded into the concert-goers mind’s forever. This past Sunday was full screaming single women, men twerking on their wives, grandmas waving their canes, and five-year old’s yelling at the top of their tiny lungs…Talk about ‘ buena vibra’…

Of course, Latino Mix 95.1 got the all-access to the concert with VIP seating, meet and greets, the whole shebang. Yaya and Baby J brought 10 lucky winners who got the opportunity of a lifetime to meet Mr. Buena Vibra himself ¾ J Balvin. Ask them, and they’ll confirm what a down to earth and chill guy he was.

Latino Mix promoted the show for months on the radio station and phone calls flooded in as winners screamed on the phone, “Yaya! Baby J! Tell me I’m that fifth caller! Tell me I’m going to see J Balvin!”

“You ARE the fifth caller! You are going to see J Balvin, at the Freeman Coliseum, October 7 th! All you have to do is give me the Latino Mix phrase that pays!” ¾ This was heard hundreds of times inside the Latino Mix booth, making Yaya and Baby the cool kids in town-hands down!

Callers screamed every time, “It’s new it’s now, Latino Mix, 95.1!”

Concert day rolled in and thousands of people lined up around the corner to see J Balvin perform, many showed up dressed-to-impress in their best Balvin-esque impersonations. Girls were screaming and selfies were taken.

Finally…It’s concert time! Balvin’s opening act, Haitian DJ, Michael Brun, hyped the crowd before show time, and what a show that was: his dancers, his music, his light show…beyond fantastic. In case you were wondering how this lucky DJ got to be his opening act… He was actually the DJ who worked together with Balvin on his World Cup song, “Positivo.”

Post DJ Brun set: the mood was set, the crowed was hyped, and to make it all more memorable¾ dozens of colorful dancing dinosaurs started flooding the isles and began interacting with the crowd while loud dinosaur noises played in the background.

Then…began the experience that will forever be engrained in my mind…
J Balvin appeared...
From here on out, it was as if were live & present in one of the coolest scenes from Jurassic Park…with a touch of pop color! Ok maybe not just a touch, but the whole enchilada! Think Jurassic Park and Andy Warhol got married and had a love-child, that’s exactly how I could would describe the scene…Fan-FREAKIN-tastic!

Giant dinosaur animatronics towering over the Colombian reggaeton artist, a light show that made it seem like for 3 hours, we brought a small part of “the city of lights” to the Freeman Colliseum, and a vibe that had everyone on their feet!

Talk about a set list! Balvin not only dropped half of his new album but played a lot of his hottest songs that got his career up and going. He sang quite a few songs that featured his good friend, and hot new artist Bad Bunny, who was just in San Antonio last month for his own concert.

“Machika”, “Safari” ft. Pharrell, “Sensualidad” ft. Prince Royce & Bad Bunny, “X” ft. Nicky Jam¾ and many other songs were sung. However, one lucky fan who threw her bra on stage got the chance to go on stage and dance with J Balvin, the whole stadium screamed as they danced, twerked, and laughed together. The rest of the night was filled with flying bras and panties, sexy dancing with Balvin and his back up dancers center stage, and a sold out crowd who showed that San Antonio knows how to party. Balvin himself even said mid “No Es Justo” song, “se los juro que San Antonio ha sido la mejor ciudad de todo mi [Vibras] tour hasta ahora.” * mic drop* You’re welcome Balvin.

Sadly, the time came for the final encore of the show, “Mi Gente,” which –to date- is his number one greatest single in the media and also became number one in over 30 countries.
So to that beat, he thanked San Antonio before hopping into a giant dinosaur mouth, fireworks shooting and confetti dropping from the ceiling…A magical night it was….LEGOOOO


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