The Simpsons remind viewers about Puerto Rico aid

The 5 second spot appeared at the end of the season 29 premiere on Sunday.
2 Oct 2017 – 4:00 PM EDT

The animated series, The Simpsons are nearly on point with current events featured in some episodes. This time the show ended their season premiere to remind everyone the seriousness about Puerto Rico.

In the photo that is going viral on the internet shows Bart and Homer holding a Puerto Rican flag with a baby Maggie in the middle and the citizens of Springfield in the Background. Marge in behind the flag holding a sign that says "Unido" and a Lisa Simpson in the foreground with tears running down her cheek. On the bottom are social media handles to UNICEFUSA and Save the Children and the hashtag #OneAmericaAppeal.

With The Simpsons being a pop culture icon, the show is hoping that people will take this message seriously and help those who are suffering in Puerto Rico from the devastation of two hurricanes.

The message was conveyed on Twitter with a caption of "How you can help..."


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