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Maluma’s hair has fans feeling some type of way

Fans have mixed emotions about the hair
22 Oct 2018 – 01:10 PM EDT

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Maluma, dyed his hair and fans have mixed emotions about it.

The “Pretty Boy” artist posted his new look on Instagram, Saturday, with the caption “Renacer/Reborn.”

In the photo he is sitting somewhere in L.A., wearing a multi-colored sweater, crossing his fingers, staring off into the distance while rocking his new- what! - Blond hair! *Jaw drop*

While one Twitter user says he’s glowing but others are hoping he’ll dye his hair back to brown. Then there are those people who are posting memes and comparing him to other celebrities.

Check out these few Tweets:

Whether you agree that he was inspired by Miley Cyrus or Shakira there is no denying that his hair journey has been one worth recognizing. Let’s take a look at his different hairstyles throughout the last few years:
Back in 2016, Maluma rocked a buzz cut in Argentina.

In early 2017, he rocked a head full of multi-colored elastic bands while going for a swim.

Before and after his elastic-band debut, he hid his hair in fedoras and baseball caps.

Then there was that time he swung his hair, embracing how powerful he felt, in L.A.

Who said pineapple hair was only for curly hair?
When it grew long enough, early this year, he wore the iconic pineapple hair.

Then there was that music video he did with Shakira where they are dipping and flowing their hair in a steamy room.

But wait, if we take it back to 2016, there are these photos of Shakira hiding behind him holding her hair up as if it were his…

Could this be the moment Maluma was inspired to grow and dye his hair like Shakira?

What do you think? Either way, Maluma’s hairstyle will continue to evolve and there is no denying that he loves his long hair.


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