Fat Joe is meeting up with Daddy Yankee in Puerto Rico to deliver supplies

Puerto Rico is in a humanitarian crisis and needs all the help they can get.
29 Sep 2017 – 3:53 PM EDT

Joseph Antonio Cartagena or a.k.a. Fat Joe is joining TIDAL along with Governor Cuomo and Ruben Diaz Jr. are collecting supplies for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was obliterated by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria and left the entire island in shambles. There are a lot of people displaced and have nothing left. Their goal is to ship over supplies, water, non-perishable food, batteries, diapers, baby wipes and anything else that people are in need of. Fat Joe will deliever the items personally.

In this Instagram video, Fat Joe posted: "Yea, yea what's up my people, it's Fat Joe. I teamed up with TIDAL, I teamed up with Jay-Z, the City of New York, Governor Cuomo, Ruben Diaz the Bronx the burrough president. Saturday, September 30th, we are collecting at the Jacob Javits Center - water, batteries, canned food, hygene for woman, toothpaste, soap, whatever you can bring. You can donate money if you're not in the New York area. TIDAL.com/PuertoRico Mi gente, I need everybody to come together as a major crisis. I'm flying in this plane that Jay-Z and TIDAL provided. It's big. I'm taking 200,000 pounds of goods: water, batteries, canned foods, woman hygene. I'm coming to Puerto Rico, my brother Daddy Yankee is gonna meet me over there and we're collecting all we can. Thank you very much.


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