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DJ Snake’s “Taki Taki” has people buzzing about the music video release date

DJ Snake’s new hit creates the ultimate powerhouse between Reggaeton, Pop and Hip Hop
9 Oct 2018 – 02:00 PM EDT

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DJ Snake’s new hit “Taki Taki” creates the ultimate powerhouse between Reggaeton, Pop and Hip Hop artists: Ozuna, Selena Gomez and Cardi B. The Trio sings in both English and Spanish to an undeniable Latin beat embracing their Latin heritage.

The trailer, which was released Oct. 5, shows all artists wearing red. It opens up with Ozuna, moving to the left to Cardi B shaking her head, Selena Gomez chewing gum and DJ Snake walking away. The background -- it’s dark, and there’s what looks like lava with lightning strikes at one point.

After the artists’ introductions it transitions to glimpses of different scenes. The scenes include-but not limited to- a man and woman crawling in a jungle, women in a red room, Selena Gomez’s eyes, DJ Snake, a man wearing a hellish-skull mask and a man swinging red whips. The scenes are similar in showing the same colors yet completely different leaving the video open to interpretation.

Since the song was released, Sept. 28, it has people buzzing about what “Taki Taki” actually means.
In separate interviews with Cardi B and Ozuna , Cardi B said, "I know for a fact that it's a word that Ozuna made up. Because you know these Reggaeton artists they be making some sh*t up and it's like 'what the f*ck does that mean? I don't know, but it flows right.”

Ozuna later confirmed, “Taki Taki is nothing. It’s a dance…like a flow. It’s new. I don’t know what to say. Taki Taki is nothing in Spanish.”

The song’s lyrics talk about dancing and teasing while adding a sensual flare.

DJ Snake knew he wanted Ozuna to be a part of “Taki Taki” as he mentions he is a big fan but he also wanted Latin women to be a part of it too.

In an interview with all four artists DJ Snake says “Two queens right here,” pointing to both Gomez and Cardi B, “They blessed me, you know, with this greatness and dope energy… so you know, Selena and Cardi…you know that’s just a great combo.”

The highly anticipated video is scheduled to be released sometime today but for now here’s a video posted by @PurplePan_ on twitter.


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