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DJ Snake Brings his Name to Life in His Latest Music Video, “Taki Taki”

Taki Taki is still a powerhouse record
15 Oct 2018 – 04:04 PM EDT

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Nearly three weeks ago, DJ Snake released his latest hit “Taki Taki.” His song mixes Reggaeton, Pop and Hip Hop into the ultimate powerhouse.

DJ Snakes collaboration between Ozuna, Selena Gomez and Cardi B, not only brought three artists of Latin descent together but brought Ozuna fans, Selenators and the BardiGang together to sing along to a bilingual track.
Last week, on Oct. 9, the highly anticipated music video dropped and it has been one of the highest trending videos since.

Ozuna, Gomez and Cardi, may have been exchanging verses but DJ Snake made sure to let fans know he was in control. Here’s how:

DJ Snake shows up in a Range Rover as Ozuna begins his verse. Talk about ‘in yo face’ product placement! Yes, it is obvious that there is a sponsorship there but (that’s up for interpretation because) what it could also mean is that DJ Snake is in control. He sits in the Range Rover as Ozuna is singing, gets out, unphased by the hectic storm, and stands there like a boss. This could mean that like the Range Rover, he drives the music video, reemphasizing that he not only is the DJ but the producer. * BOOM* Mind Blown!

DJ snake makes a call-me hand-signal various times. Could this mean that he is telling fans he is calling all the shots?
In almost every scene there is a reference to a snake.

In more than half of the music video there is visual representations of lightning and they strike as quickly as snakes.
More snake references come into play when Ozuna is singing his verse. As he lays with women stacked on top of him and on top of each other, they constantly move their arms and legs in a snake-like motion.

The most obvious snake reference is while Cardi sings. In her scene you see a ginormous snake sign behind her and her back up dancers.

Finally, towards the end of “Taki Taki,” Gomez begins her verse by whispering “DJ Snake.” She comes out wearing a lime green outfit in what looks like a jungle scene. She almost looks as if she is a snake herself. She dances in a snake-like form waving her arms and body while one of her backup dancers is seen wearing a snake necklace.

Whether DJ Snake’s intentions were to let fans know who the boss man is, or just to make a fire music video, “Taki Taki” was a success either way. Here is Dante D’Angelo, a youtuber’s, reaction video to the “Taki Taki’s” music video.

So what do you think? You feel like doing the Taki-Taki? I totally foresee a Taki-Taki challenge in the near future…And you can totally quote me on that!


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