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Erica Viking & The Hoff

Erica Viking

Erica is a long-time radio personality in Albuquerque, NM!
15 Sep 2016 – 05:05 PM EDT

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Erica is a long-time radio personality in Albuquerque, NM and currently hosts The Erica Viking Morning Show on KIOT 102.5. She was voted Albuquerque’s Best Radio Personality in Albuquerque The Magazine’s 2013 issue. Erica has a passion for promoting local music, arts and organizations that give back to the community.

Erica has also been featured as herself on “Breaking Bad” and has fun doing background roles in various NM productions. Mentoring those wishing to break into Film and media has always been important to Ms. Viking. She is an avid supporter of Animal Humane of NM, and other causes related to social justice for women’s and minority groups.

Erica’s son, Julian, recently realized his life-long dream to be a fashion designer, graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles and is currently designing in New York City. In her off-time, Erica loves traveling, her dogs, hiking, beaches and family.


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