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Muslims are among the mourners in Manchester after Monday night's suicid...
Manchester, an 18 per cent Muslim city in the cross-hairs of terrorism
The multi-cultural city in north-west England is better known for its soccer prowess, so why is it a target of terrorists?
Video: Raising chimps in Cuba, a handful for a 62-year-old 1:32
Video: Raising chimps in Cuba, a handful for a 62-year-old
Havana biologist, Marta Llanes, has spent the last year raising two baby chimps in her 5th floor Havana apartment.
A former Military Police officer says hundreds of Iraqi detainees at Tal...
Trump's National Security Advisor challenged over human rights record
Iraqi detainees in Gen H.R. McMaster's custody were treated in an inhuman fashion bordering on torture in 2005, according to a U.S. Military Police officer.
Animation: the complex Syrian war explained in three minutes through the... 3:34
Animation: the complex Syrian war explained in three minutes through the eyes of a girl
Figures show the US has admitted just over 18,000 Syrian refugees since the war broke out in the Middle Eastern country. It's estimated that 4 million Syrian children have only known war time.
Five-year-old Syrian refugee Leen works on her homework in Sacramento in...
Syrian refugees 'detrimental' to Americans? The numbers tell a different story
By the end of 2016, the total number of Syrian refugees settled in the U.S. was 14,761, about .0046 percent of the country’s population.
2016 In Photos: From El Chapo to President-elect Trump
Here is our selection of the photos that stood out in the world's top news and will linger in the memory.
Nelufar Hedayat
'The Traffickers' exposes how black markets move
In an immersive, vivid style, a new FUSION eight-part series takes viewers across the world and behind the scenes of the trading of rhinos, human organs, gold, sex and more. Watch the final two episodes of The Traffickers this Sunday at 10PM on FUSION .
Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel peace prize...
Colombia's Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize in boost for troubled talks
Santos was credited with brokering a peace accord. The award excluded FARC guerrilla leader Rodrigo Londono, alias Timochenko, who signed the accord with Santos on Sept. 26.
Nassau, Bahamas.
Bahamas files: the latest leak of offshore tax haven documents
In the wake of the Panama Papers the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) received another leak off offshore documents, this time targeting the Bahamas.
El Canal de Panamá inauguró el 26 de junio un tercer juego...
New Panama Canal sparks port battle for global routes
Ports from New York to Cuba are spending massively to compete for bigger ships coming through expanded canal.
At least 41 people were killed in the June 28 attack on Istanbul airport.
Suicide bombers attack Istanbul airport, killing 41
Attackers detonated explosives at international terminal entrance after police fired at them, officials say.
Thousands of spectators watch as the Neopanamax cargo ship, Cosco Shippi...
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jimmy Carter congratulates Panama on a “superb job."
Panama inaugurated larger new canal locks on Sunday, doubling the capacity of the strategic waterway. Carter says history proves he was right to sign the historic 1977 treaties that gave Panama control of the canal.
Donald Trump on a visit to Scotland hailed Britain's vote to leave the E...
"Brexit" vote alarms immigrant rights groups in U.S.
Trump hails U.K. decision to leave the European Union as a vote "to reassert control over their own politics, border and economy." U.S. voters can do the same in November, he says.
Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the center of the so-called Panama Pape...
Report: IT worker detained in Geneva over Panama papers leak
The arrest came after the law firm at the center of the so-called "Panama Papers" leak filed a complaint in Switzerland over the alleged theft of its data
Psychology of a suicide bomber 2:54
Psychology of a suicide bomber
Professor Ariel Merari explains the minds behind political and religious martyrdom.