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Ossoff vs Handel
How a small Hispanic electorate could decide Tuesday's Georgia congressional race
Some 20,000 Hispanic voters could decide the runoff contest in District 6, which is the most expensive election in congressional history. Democrats have not won there since 1979.
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In photos: Conservative media owner Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax is Trump's friend, but offers criticism too.
"Fox is imploding," Ruddy told Univision during a wide-ranging interview in his Newsmax office in Florida. Ruddy is planning to expand his TV and web company to challenge the conservative media giant Fox News. Even with its recent personnel problems and a dip in ratings, Ruddy knows that Fox still rules when it comes to conservative cable. But Ruddy believes his carefully-crafted center-right approach could appeal to a large audience that is tired of partisan politics.
U.S. and Cuban flags in Havana, Cuba.
Trump to restore some restrictions on Cuba travel, targets island's military-run enterprises
The changes leave intact the greatest achievements of Obama’s Cuba legacy, including the restoration of diplomatic ties and the re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Havana, as well as the relaxing of travel restrictions and the reintroduction of regular commercial flights.
Christopher Ruddy, founder of Newsmax
Meet Chris Ruddy, the conservative media owner who wants to steer Trump to the center
A friend of the president, he is a lesser known but rising star on the right. The founder of Newsmax Media says Fox’s formula of “weaponized” news is imploding ... and he plans to cash in. He caused a stir this week for comments about 'Russia-gate.'
Cuba hardliners, US defenders battle over new Trump policy
The U.S. Embassy in Havana will remain open, but Americans can expect Trump to ban U.S. trade with any Cuban entity linked to the military. Also planned: the reimposing of travel limitations for Americans wanting to go to Cuba.
Hope Hicks with the Trump family during a May 24 audience at the Vatican.
Hope Hicks, the powerful adviser who floats above the controversies in Trump's White House
She is the spokeswoman who almost never speaks in public. Almost invisible on TV, her name appears in hundreds of news stories about Donald Trump. The stealthy 28-year-old has accompanied the president since the first day of his high-flying political career, but has managed to avoid the intrigues that have damaged the image of the rest of the team.
Hope Hicks
In photos: Donald Trump's ever so discreet communications strategist
Young and reserved, Hope Hicks, served as press secretary on Trumps's whirlwind presidential campaign. She is now communications director at the White House and is part of the president's closest inner circle.
13 exclusive news stories that back the White House into a corner for its Russia ties
A series of bombshell stories from the Washington Post and The New York Times have exposed links between Trump administration officials and the Kremlin, as well as Trump's requests for "loyalty" from former FBI Director James Comey. The president has called them fake news.
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos meet Donald Trump for the first t...
Colombia's Santos hopes to seal peace funding during official visit to Washington
Congress has approved $450 million to support the recent peace deal to end Colombia 52-year-old war with FARC rebels. But President Donald Trump is not a big fan of the State Department's foreign aid programs.
Los Angeles students protest Trump the week after the presidential elect...
Fear of Trump did not increase Latino participation in the 2016 election, according to Census data
The share of eligible Latinos who voted in 2016 stood unchanged from 2012, at less than 50 percent. But Latino participation did grow in absolute numbers.
The White House is solidifying its national security team after a shaky...
EXCLUSIVE: CIA veteran, Juan Cruz, named to key National Security Council post for Latin America
The former CIA station chief in Colombia is highly regarded, not least by former Obama administration officials.
A man walks by closed shops in Calexico, California, after crossing the...
Another 'Trump effect': commerce drops by up to 30 percent in small U.S. border cities
U.S. cities are suffering because of the drop in the purchasing power of the Mexican peso, which wobbles every time Trump talks about NAFTA or Mexico.
Protesters have been on the streets from more than a month, increasingly...
Trump's 'subtle' Venezuela diplomacy earns praise
In Washington, the Trump administration is adopting a tougher line on Venezuela, but remains wary of leading the charge and fueling the anti-imperialist rhetoric of Venezuela's leftist government.
If NAFTA is cancelled, would jobs come back to the U.S.? 4:26
If NAFTA is cancelled, would jobs come back to the U.S.?
We traveled to Ciudad Juárez to see if hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Mexican maquiladora industry would return to the United States if Trump were to modify or abandon the NAFTA free trade agreement, as his government is considering. A border tax would have serious consequences in Mexican cities.
Dr. Salomon Melgen holds hands with his wife, Flor, as he leaves the fed...
Focus turns to Senator Menendez after Dominican doctor found guilty of Medicare fraud
Dr. Salomon Melgen faces 20 years in prison for health care fraud unless he makes a deal before sentencing. Feds likely to press for his cooperation in bribery case involving New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.