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In photos: the rise and fall of Steve Bannon
President Trump fired Bannon as chief White House strategist on Friday, ending weeks of speculation about his political future. Bannon will be returning to ultra-conservative Breitbart News where he originally rose to fame. His career includes a long list of scandals, ranging from domestic violence allegations to close connections with white supremacist and anti-Semitic groups, as well as his propagating of conspiracy theories against Hillary and Bill Clinton.
Joe Arpaio
Phoenix mayor asks Trump not to pardon ex-Sheriff Arpaio in wake of Charlottesville.
Trump is due to hold a re-election campaign event in Phoenix on Tuesday. Mayor Greg Stanton asked the president to cancel the event "as our nation is still healing" from the violence in Charlottesville.
Trump-backed immigration reform proposal not without merit, says Jeb Bush
The proposed Senate bill, known as the RAISE Act, introduced last week in Congress seeks to cut immigration in half. That was too drastic, Bush said in an interview with Univision News, but he likes other aspects of the bill, such as a skills-based points system. These days Bush is enjoying family time, watching ESPN and Univision soaps, while beamoaning Trump's lack of leadership.
Mark Krikorian supplies Trump and others with studies that depict immigr...
Man of the moment: Mark Krikorian, the influential immigration hawk of the Trump era
The leader of Washington's most important "low-immigration" think tank had been waiting decades for plans to secure U.S. borders that include not only undocumented immigrants but also legal immigrants.
Trump and Pena Nieto phone call graphic
Transcript: The border wall call; Trump and Peña Nieto's conversation in full
"But you cannot say that (Mexico won't pay for the wall) to the press. The press is going to go with that and I cannot live with that. You cannot say that to the press because I cannot negotiate under those circumstances," Trump told the Mexican president on Jan 27. The Washington Post obtained the full transcript of their conversation.
Donald Trump with Republican senators Tom Cotton (pictured left) and Dav...
Even immigration 'hawks' say a Trump-backed bill to limit legal immigration can't pass
President Donald Trump is pushing legislation by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, but leading Republicans see the measure as counterproductive.
Anthony Scaramucci's brief – but intense – stint in the White House
Over just 10 short days, the New York investor was hired by the White House, led three people to move on from the presidential team, got involved in a few brief scandals and provoked his own dismissal.
White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.
White House's Scaramucci a fan of investing in Cuba
In an interview last year, Scaramucci said he was "interested" in investment opportunities in Cuba. He appeared to be more in tune with Obama's Cuba opening than Trump's recent policy reversal.
Former president Lyndon Johnson owes part of his political success to Ge...
Looking for evidence of rigged elections? Here's how "El Patrón" used Mexicans to win in Texas for decades
President Donald Trump has yet to show real evidence of massive electoral fraud. Maybe he should look back in time to George Parr, one of the biggest manipulators of U.S. elections in history.
Trump and other Republican leaders see immigration as a national securit...
Meet the 15 immigration hawks defining Trump's agenda
President Donald Trump clearly holds the starring role in the current crackdown against immigrants, but these people are pushing the same agenda behind-the-scenes.
Ron Weems, convicted of voter fraud as part of Kris Kobach's campaign in...
The man investigating voter fraud for Trump has already failed in a search for non-citizen voters in Kansas
Kris Kobach has fought a losing battle in his home state for two years. Now Trump has given him a national platform for his anti-immigrant bias.
A voting precinct in a Chicago laundromat during the November 2016 elect...
Why did the number of Hispanic voters spike in Illinois?
While other states fell short, the so-called Land of Lincoln saw strong growth among Hispanic voters that could provide a lesson for other U.S. politicians.
Did Hillary Clinton's Spanish-langauge campaign ads help Donald Trump?
More Fourth of July, less Cinco de Mayo. Is that the prescription for the Democratic Party?
Hillary Clinton and other Democrats believed they could win the election by following the California model of celebrating diversity and embracing pro-immigration policies. But some liberals now believe the party is scaring away white voters resentful of immigration.
Ossoff vs Handel
How a small Hispanic electorate could decide Tuesday's Georgia congressional race
Some 20,000 Hispanic voters could decide the runoff contest in District 6, which is the most expensive election in congressional history. Democrats have not won there since 1979.
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In photos: Conservative media owner Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax is Trump's friend, but offers criticism too.
"Fox is imploding," Ruddy told Univision during a wide-ranging interview in his Newsmax office in Florida. Ruddy is planning to expand his TV and web company to challenge the conservative media giant Fox News. Even with its recent personnel problems and a dip in ratings, Ruddy knows that Fox still rules when it comes to conservative cable. But Ruddy believes his carefully-crafted center-right approach could appeal to a large audience that is tired of partisan politics.