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Dr. Salomon Melgen holds hands with his wife, Flor, as he leaves the fed...
Focus turns to Senator Menendez after Dominican doctor found guilty of Medicare fraud
Dr. Salomon Melgen faces 20 years in prison for health care fraud unless he makes a deal before sentencing. Feds likely to press for his cooperation in bribery case involving New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.
Trump’s immigration fear factor 4:59
Trump’s immigration fear factor
Although the deportation numbers for Donald Trump's administration have kept pace with the Obama administration, images of operatives and arrests, hate attacks on different minorities, and the President's own pronouncements have triggered alarms in the immigrant community ... and fear. One of Trump's most vocal campaign promises has begun to come true. And we are not talking about the physical wall, but a deeper, taller and more effective one: the wall of fear.
Jon Ossoff, 30, a Democrat who hopes to represent Georgia's sixth distri...
Will Latinos help this young Georgia politician send a message to Trump?
Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to urge votes against Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in a Georgia special election. His victory would be an unprecedented defeat in a conservative district.
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3D simulation of President Trump’s wall based on his own specifications
This 3D reconstruction, based on the design requirements published by the U.S. Border Patrol, allows us to see how the U.S.-Mexico border wall might look.
Donald Trump addresses Congress February 28, devoting much of his speech...
Are there lessons for Trump in a notorious California anti-immigrant measure?
After receiving early support, California’s anti-immigrant Prop 187 crashed and burned in the 90s, motivating a generation of Latinos to vote Democrat. Now, some activists predict Trump may end up mobilizing Democratic voters in historic fashion in upcoming elections, largely thanks to Latinos.
Animation: the complex Syrian war explained in three minutes through the... 3:34
Animation: the complex Syrian war explained in three minutes through the eyes of a girl
Figures show the US has admitted just over 18,000 Syrian refugees since the war broke out in the Middle Eastern country. It's estimated that 4 million Syrian children have only known war time.
Marsha Scarbrough shows off the visa that will allow her to live in Spai...
Keeping her promise: Marsha Scarbrough is leaving the country because Trump is president
The 70-year-old from California departs March 7 for Spain — without a return ticket.
EXCLUSIVE: The high school speech by Stephen Miller that offended studen...
EXCLUSIVE: The high school speech by Stephen Miller that offended students, and got him thrown off stage
The young White House adviser who is one of the president's preferred spokesmen once ran for election at his California high school. His stump speech was perceived as racist by other students, according to a video obtained exclusively by Univision.
The Spanish Twitter account of the Trump White House
White House Spanish-language Twitter account falls into disuse despite Trump's Twitter addiction
The "La Casa Blanca" Twitter account tweeted only four times in the first two weeks of the administration – including two tweets in English. That's a much slower pace than the Obama White House. The account is the new White House's only Spanish-language means of communication.
Jess Sessions was sworn in Thursday as Attorney General
Why immigrants fear new Attorney General Sessions
The Alabama senator has opposed legal immigration for more than two decades, linking new arrivals to terrorism. During the campaign he was one of the closest advisers to President-elect Trump.
Five-year-old Syrian refugee Leen works on her homework in Sacramento in...
Syrian refugees 'detrimental' to Americans? The numbers tell a different story
By the end of 2016, the total number of Syrian refugees settled in the U.S. was 14,761, about .0046 percent of the country’s population.
Stephen Miller quoted former president Teddy Roosevelt on his high schoo...
How White House advisor Stephen Miller went from pestering Hispanic students to designing Trump's immigration policy
The president's young adviser was a provocateur in his California high school, where he was hostile to Latinos and other minorities. Stephen Miller wrote in his high school yearbook: "There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country."
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Trump’s job approval rating today:
How do Americans think President Donald Trump is doing in the White House? This daily tracker compiles polling and surveys and compares the score with the favorability of previous U.S. presidents.
Protests were held in several cities at the weekend after Trump's execti...
Trump says travel restriction necessary because of "bad 'dudes' out there"
Critics question if his executive order makes the nation safer
Elizabeth Guzman is running for the 31st district in the Virginia House...
In Trump's United States, some Latinas motivated to run for office
Organizations like EMILY's List and the Latino Victory Fund are reaching out to Latinas who have political ambitions.