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Hillary Clinton

Transcript: Arantxa Loizaga’s Interview with Hillary Clinton on Noticiero Univision

A transcript of Univision's interview with Hillary Clinton, which aired on October 16, 2015.
16 Oct 2015 – 10:57 AM EDT
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Program:        Noticiero Univision

Air Date:        Thursday, October 15, 2015

Key:     AL: Arantxa Loizaga,    HC: Hillary Clinton

HC:                 Hello again.

AL:                  How are you doing?

HC:                 I am doing great.  Good to see you again.

AL:                  Good to see you too.

HC:                 Thank you.

AL:                  Back in San Antonio.

HC:                 I love being in San Antonio.  I first visited this city so long ago when it was a much smaller, sleepier place.  But I’ve always loved the atmosphere, the culture, the food, you know, the music, everything about it.  And I’ve made friends that have lasted a lifetime from here.

AL:                  Talking about food, what’s your favorite food here in San Antonio?

HC:                 Oh listen, anything that I can get that has, you know, both Mexican and Tex-Mex, and you know, you just put me down and I’m ready.

AL:                  Do you still get nervous when a lot of people are here waiting for you, expecting to hear your speech?

HC:                 I do.  I mean today the crowd so big and so enthusiastic.  And I get a little nervous because everybody’s there.  Because they want to cheer me on, but they also want to hear what I say, because they want to make sure that, you know, as President I’m going to really listen to them.  And I’m going to try to help them with their problems.  I do get a little nervous.  Because I want people to know how hard I’ll work, and how I’ll do anything I possibly can as President to meet the needs they face as family members, as employees, and employers.  And then you get out there and it’s just so overwhelming, you just can’t believe the energy that’s coming at you.

AL:                  Secretary, we noticed that while you were talking we had some protestors outside.  How do you deal with that?  Because it must be very difficult as well.

HC:                 Not anymore.  I just ignore them.  Because they have a right to protest.  They don’t have a right to disrupt an event that thousands of people have been looking forward to, and working on, and who are now listening to me.  So I mostly just keep talking, because usually I’ve got a stronger microphone.  And I just keep talking.  And what happens most times as it did here, is the people who are there in the audience to hear what I have to say to decide, you know, what I’m going to do as President, you know, they just basically shut the folks down.  Because, you know, it doesn’t make any difference to them.  They want to know what I’m saying, so that they can, you know, form their own opinions.

AL:                  Reflecting upon the debate.  A lot of media, the standard media were able to say, you were the winner.  When Bernie Sanders said, enough about the e-mails, enough about the controversy, and you smiled.  What did you feel?

HC:                 Well, I felt, thank you Bernie.  And I told him that.  Because that’s what people have been telling me for weeks.  And what he said so well, enough about that.  Let’s talk about how we make college affordable.  How we get wages to rise.  How we get equal pay for equal work for women.  All of the issues that people in the crowd today asked me about.  So I thought it was great, because he was reflecting what he’s hearing out there, and it’s exactly what I’ve been hearing.

AL:                  In one of the reviews about the debate, they were saying you are the winner.  You were the winner in her eyes though, a reporter from the Washington Post.  She tried to compliment you by saying, you are the man amongst boys.  But then I thought, that’s contradicting everything that you stand for, which is female equality.

HC:                 Right.  Well, but I think, unfortunately there still are stereotypes.  And even smart people can get perhaps, caught up in them.  And what I want to do is represent to women and girls, as well as men and boys, that a woman, a mother, a wife, a grandmother can be standing on that same stage, and be judged on what I have to say as a woman.  So I think it’s great that people have written so positively about my performance at the debate.  But I want them to say, this is what a woman running for President of the United States looks like, sounds like.  That’s what I want to hear.

AL:                  Have you thought about former President Bill Clinton’s role if you get elected as the first female President? Because you’re going to be making history twice.  By being the first elected female President, and of course, having the first gentleman I guess.

HC:                 Yeah, the first gentleman.  I am so grateful for all the help and advice that my husband gives me.  And I know that his knowledge of how the economy works.  He did such a great job as President.  23 million new jobs, incomes going up for everybody, it would be a huge benefit to me as President.  Because who better to say, will this work?  People in Congress want this.  Or, you know, I’m hearing from some business leaders, what do you think?  I have my opinion, but what do you think?  And I just can’t wait to have him, you know, offering his ideas.  Because I think it’ll be for the good of the country.

AL:                  Latinos.  Today was a very important event, it was Latinos for Hillary, a grassroots event.  How can Latinos relate to you?

HC:                 Well, I think most of my friends who are Latinos.  And some of them, as I say go back 43 years, they know that I have fought for the same principles, the same opportunities for everybody for as long as I’ve been in public life.  They know I care about family, which I know is critically important to the Latino community.  They know that I fight to bring more opportunities for young people, particularly our youngest children.  So they can get the best education possible.  They know where I am on issues, but more than that, they know where my heart is.  And that’s why I think I have so much support in the Latino community already.  And as we kick off Latinos for Hillary, we’re getting more and more support.  Because I think people are saying to themselves, we want a fighter, a fighter for our families, a fighter for our future.  And this is the person.  And I’m proud and honored to have that kind of support and endorsement.

AL:                  And talking precisely about Latinos, we have a Latino in the rising.  The DNC keynote speaker for 2012, former Mayor of San Antonio, and finally President Palomares was able to ask you directly.

HC:                 Yes.

AL:                  Are you considering him as a running mate, possibly for a VP?

HC:                 Well, I can’t really do that yet, because I haven’t gotten the nomination.  I don’t want to jinx it.  And I don’t want to be presumptuous.  But I think you could see again today why Julian Castro has such a well deserved reputation as a young American leader who happens to be a Latino.  He’s a leader pure and simple.  And you saw that today.  But I’ve seen it on numerous occasions.  He is someone who likes to dig deep into issues, who likes to figure out what will work.  He’s a man after my own heart, because I think the way you should judge somebody in public life is: are you better off when they finish serving you than you were when they started serving you.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that when he was Mayor of San Antonio, and then was elevated by the President to be in the cabinet, San Antonio was better off because of his service.

AL:                  And before we finish this interview, because we know you have to run, as always, right.

HC:                 As always.

AL:                  We would like to know something that nobody else knows about you.  We as a Hispanic Latino community.  Share something with us that nobody knows.

HC:                 Oh, there’s so many things.  I don’t know where to start.  One thing that happened that was so much fun for me was, appearing on stage in Miami two weeks ago with Marc Anthony, somebody who I really like.  I like his music.  I like his energy.  I like his passion.  So I’m not sure many people knew that I was a Marc Anthony fan before I went out into that crazy arena with those thousands of people cheering, and so excited because, one more time he sold it out.  I love that.

AL:                  Well, thank you so much for your time.

HC:                 Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Good to see you again.

AL:                  Good to see you as well.

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