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A new Univision digital is born: design change that is fruit of a deeper transformation

The combination of a stronger and more diverse newsroom with the backing of a technology team kicks off a new phase with innovation at its core
31 Mar 2016 – 08:59 PM EDT

At Univision we are premiering a new look. A few months ago we began to build the foundation of what will be our new digital home and now we can let you have a glimpse at how this is coming along. It is the beginning of a process of permanent transformation for our digital properties, which starts out from the heart of the editorial teams and is reflected in the product, with you, the viewers/readers, as our absolute priority.

This isn’t just an image shift. We’re defining a brand-new user experience with three great main website pages that are responsive to the tastes and needs of the audience. On the one hand, there is the Univision home page, for the millions of fans of a television brand that has been a part of the lives of Hispanics in the United States, with series, programs, newscasts, TV drama, live sports and all our on-air talent. There, you’ll find the TV content, with extras that will be generated based upon its shows and their stars, with the interaction that the Internet offers, the nearness of the viewer; all packaged in such a way that you can watch it at any time and on any platform.

On the other hand, Univision News grows and diversifies, not just in format, but also in topics with content that is created on and for the Internet. In addition to continuing to offer the best information about key topics such as immigration, and helping Hispanics to navigate the system in the United States, we will keep you informed and up to date on health, education, the environment, music, fashion, food or money. Then, of course, this year it will have a very strong focus on the 2016 presidential campaign.

Over these last few months, the digital team has been growing to meet the challenge of adapting to these new times. Hispanic journalists in the United States and practically all Latin American countries today make up one of the most diverse editorial teams that aspires to be recognized both nationally and internationally as the best news source in Spanish. Adding these digital profiles to a prestigious team of journalists that every day delivers the most-watched Spanish newscast and other successful news programs has created a-one-of-a-kind newsroom.

Univision’s DNA is audiovisual, and that strength is going to continue to be a sign of our identity — but not the only one. Now, we are blending our traditional journalistic practices with digital skills: an infographics team, a data crew with investigative journalism as its focus, an innovation unit, another team for new social platforms and one for audience development. This is all happening right now in our newsrooms from our headquarters in Miami, across our other outlets in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, Chicago... In this way, we are bringing digital news together with the best of U.S. broadcast journalism, all in the same space.

And the third experience comes with Sports. We go to the Mexican League—with exclusive games and goals each week—to the NBA, the NFL, boxing, UFC, and a wide array of competitions throughout the country where sports is the world's greatest spectacle. More short formats for social networks and sports mini-documentaries will be coming out in the next few months, as a complement to Univision’s unique content.

The new Univision site rises with a mobile-driven design, because that is where most of our audience consumes our content. If there is a single group in the United States that blazes the trail for trends it is the Latino community. According to Pew Research and other studies, their use of smartphones is well above average. In this process, e product and technology team is fundamental, and will continue to be. These teams based in New York, Miami, Bogota and Amman, Jordan, have worked for months in order to be able to launch a whole new digital experience. The integration of developers’ profiles within the editorial team is already one of the keys to our present and our future.

In the next few days you will continue to see improvements, adding on to the update this week of our mobile apps. And, as part of our new editorial projects, very soon we will be launching City Lab Latino, the fruit of our partnership with The Atlantic. So, welcome aboard, and we look forward to keep earning your continued trust.

Borja Echevarría is Vice President and Editor-in-chief of Univision Digital