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salud obamacare
Here are two ways Republicans interested in governing can help working Americans access better health insurance
In states like Florida and Texas, over a million Latinos alone can't get good healthcare today. With Trumpcare crashing, it's time Republicans address Obamacare's coverage gaps by expanding Medicaid and fixing a drafting error that punishes low-income Latino families.
Trump during his first news conference since being elected. Jan 11 2017
All the President’s Lies
Trump appears to be living in his own fantasy world, where truth is indistinguishable from fiction. And when you confront him about this, as an interviewer from Time magazine recently did, he’ll just point out that, “I’m president, and you’re not.”
Enrique Peña Nieto
From Montezuma to Peña Nieto
More attention to Mexico's history "might have been illuminating for Peña Nieto when Donald Trump came to Mexico last year," writes Jorge Ramos. "Now it’s too late."
The sanctity of life, Frankenstein and the danger of gene editing
The National Academy of Sciences recently approved research into modifying human embryos to create genes that can be passed down to future generations. What could possibly go wrong?
In this April 21, 2016, photo, students are shown in a Hispanic neighbor...
A discussion on the challenges facing Hispanic education today
A Q&A with David Park of Learning Heroes: parents are the key to education
An immigrant worker in Colorado.
Donald Trump’s Three Fables
Despite what Trump says, the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are not criminals; they don't drain the U.S. economy; and they do not steal jobs from Americans.
Donald Trump speaks to reporters
The Press Is Not the Enemy
"Trump has forced us to re-examine the role of the media in the 21st century," writes Univision journalist and anchor Jorge Ramos.
Almost 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States
A call to action: we must organize and mobilize to reverse ugly immigration policies
Whatever the administration throws at us, our allies in the legal community are ready to defend our families in court. We will fight again.
Pro-statehood supporters at the seaside Capitol in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Are Puerto Ricans really American citizens?
Since 1898, Congress has debated 101 bills related to citizenship in Puerto Rico and enacted 11 overlapping citizenship laws. Over time, these bills have conferred three different types of citizenship to persons born in Puerto Rico.
Trump addresses a joint session of Congress on Feb. 28, 2017, as VP Mike...
Trump suggests ‘merit-based’ immigration policy in address to Congress
That would favor the best and the brightest, but severely restrict low-skilled immigration, hurting companies in the agricultural or manufacturing sectors.
The survey shows that most Americans are sympathetic to undocumented imm...
What does comprehensive immigration reform mean in Trump’s America?
Do we enforce the letter of the law regarding people who have entered our country illegally, or do we compassionately assimilate undocumented peoples seeking a better life despite the laws they broke getting here in the first place?
Conan to feature ex-president Vicente Fox and actor Diego Luna on his show.
Conan comes to Mexico
Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, recently described the relationship between Mexico and the United States as “phenomenal.” But that’s almost as laughable as one of Conan’s jokes.
An arrest is made during a targeted enforcement operation conducted by U...
Why mass deportations are costly and hurt the economy
Deporting undocumented immigrants can create costs associated with mortgage, credit card, car loan or student loan defaults. There can also be costs tied to the children and elderly they leave behind. Deporting 1 million immigrants could potentially cost well over $35 billion to $55 billion in court, labor and facilities costs.
Agentes de ICE buscan a unos indocumentados en una vivienda (archivo).
It's going to take more than protesting, get a suit and tie
Protesting without concrete action only causes more noise, and more controversy. We must meet our protesting with equal political action. One - without the other - is insufficient.
A protest in Los Angeles against raids on undocumented migrants
Fear and uncertainty
Trump is the family-destroyer-in-chief of the United States. He has declared that the press is the enemy of the American people, but it’s not the journalists reporting on his raids who are tearing apart these families — it’s his government.