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People come together to clean up debris and look for survivors.
Mexico rises
In the wake of the recent earthquakes in Mexico, film director Alfonso Cuarón, with support from Anonymous Content and Participant Media, has launched a multi-platform initiative called Mexico Rises, aimed at providing urgent relief to impacted communities.
El presidente Richard Nixon y el presidente de México Gustavo D&i...
How a Texas border hug became an annual ceremony celebrating 'Amistad'
This weekend, the sister-cities of Del Rio and Acuña will celebrate the historic partnership between the people of United States and Mexico during the annual Fiesta de Amistad.
Donald Trump and Enrique Peña Nieto, two unpopular presidents.
Two Bad Presidents
"Trump and Peña Nieto were elected to office because many of us on both sides of the border remained silent when it came time to choose a leader, and silence is always an accomplice."
A Long Way From Home
The untold story of baseball’s desegregation
Miami-based filmmaker Gaspar González discusses his latest documentary, A Long Way from Home, on the prolonged fight to desegregate professional baseball, and explains why Latinos are part of the story.
President Enrique Peña Nieto speaking in Oaxaca at an earthquake...
In Mexico, undocumented migrants risk deportation to aid earthquake victims
Undocumented migrants are among those helping to rebuild the hardest-hit areas of Oaxaca state, where federal aid has been slow to trickle down.
‘I’m not inviting you to abort, I’m inviting you to decide.’ Can democra...
In Latin America, is there a link between abortion rights and democracy?
Six countries ban abortion under all circumstances: the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Suriname, but numerous studies confirm that restrictive laws do not in any way prevent women from seeking or getting abortions.
People assist a woman injured by a spray of bullets in Las Vegas.
Killing Is Easy
"I am horrified by how easy it was for Stephen Paddock to kill so many people in Las Vegas earlier this month," writes Jorge Ramos. "But we know that nothing will [change]. We’ve become immune."
Terremoto México Rostros
Mexico’s earthquake generation
I disagree with those who describe the millennial generation as being apathetic and indifferent ... You, with your mobile phones and your social networks, have the most powerful voice in Mexican history. Nobody can scream louder.
Protesters supporting DACA hold balloons in the colors of the American f...
'The Epic of America' and the case of the Dreamers
Is the American Dream dying under President Trump, or will the nation restore faith in the phrase first coined in 1931 by the son of Venezuelan immigrants, James Truslow Adams.
President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, meets wi...
The Last Emperor
Given his attitude and larger context of U.S. control, many are viewing Trump’s visit as that of an emperor surveying his overseas subjects rather than the president of a democratic republic bringing relief or hope to fellow citizens.
Puerto Rico flag
Clean Slate
Silverio Pérez will publish a chronicle from Puerto Rico every week to tell the long and winding road of reconstruction that starts in the island after the scourge of Hurricane Maria.
Jorge Ramos
Journalists should always be prepared to disobey
"I like to think of journalism as a counterweight. You must always be on the other side of those in power and, particularly, when those in power abuse their authority." - Jorge Ramos, accepting the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award.
Catalonia and the autumn of Spain
Where is Catalonia, and why is a referendum relevant for its self-determination? The current Catalan political conflict transcends Spain and Catalonia and exemplifies the growing challenge faced by any diverse democracy made up of differing ideologies, nationalities and ethnicities.
Residents of San Juan wade through flood water
Is Puerto Rico in danger of losing its "enchantment?"
The government’s response, or lack thereof, creates a creeping doubt that the next generation of Puerto Ricans will be able to enjoy the same beautiful upbringing on a happy green island -- that I did.
A man cycling on a Toa Alta road, west of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept 24...
Puerto Rico 2.0: how Hurricane Maria could save Puerto Rico
While Maria has set Puerto Rico back, this disaster should and could actually catalyze the rebirth of Puerto Rico in the long run. Even before the hurricane hit, Puerto Rico was sliding backwards. Now, with so much of the island destroyed, there is no choice but to move forward and rebuild, better than before.