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Mexicans weigh the daunting prospect of deportee camps
Mexicans quake at the thought of handling not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of foreigners in a border region already struggling with drug gangs and violence.
Miami mansion purchased for $16.5 million by company controlled by alleg...
Alleged frontman for Vice President of Venezuela purchased $16.5 million Miami mansion
Samark López and his wife enjoyed a lavish lifestyle in Miami, despite decrying the United States as an evil empire.
Samark López describes himself on his website as as philanthropic...
Accused 'frontman' of Venezuelan vice president bought $3.4 million apartment in Miami with cash
A businessman who bought millions of dollars of U.S. real estate is now accused by the Trump administration of being part of a drug money laundering scheme.
Tareck El Aissami
Tareck El Aissami, the meteroric rise of a radical Chavista
Venezuela's vice president has long been identified as a hardliner within the ranks of the country's socialist government.
Internista y neumonóloga. Trabaja en un hospital que fue pionero...
For doctors in Venezuela, the simplest disease can become a tragedy
Patients complain that they can’t find prescription medicines, and some die waiting. Doctors think about emigrating. All say their salaries are too low, and that they have been affected by high levels of crime.
'El Jhonny' junto a uno de sus compañeros que se encarga de prote...
The endless cycle of violence in Venezuela
This series of photographs by Venezuelan journalist Alejandro Cegarra depicts both the victims and victimizers of an undeclared war being waged in a country suffering through a profound economic and political crisis. The photos are part of a project financed by the Magnum Foundation through an Emergency Fund grant to support the work of photographers committed to documenting social issues.
Six hours inside a Venezuelan pharmacy
Empty shelves: A day at a Venezuelan pharmacy
"We don't have that" are the words most uttered at Venezuelan pharmacies these days. Medicines for chronic illnesses are the hardest to find.
Paula Navas, 37 años, madre de siete hijas, padece las consecuenc...
Hungry in Venezuela: 'We were never rich, but we had food'
Scarcity forces many Venezuelan households to scavenge for food.
Peña Nieto captura al Chapo
In photos: The rise and fall of El Chapo Guzmán
A summary in images of the key moments in the history of one of the world's most notorious drug traffickers; from his first arrest in 1993, to his prison escapes in 2001 and 2015, right up to his extradition to the United States in January 2017 and his appearance in court in New York.
Capilla del Monte: The Argentine village that believes in UFOs 3:31
Capilla del Monte: The Argentine village that believes in UFOs
As the legend goes, a UFO landed in Capilla del Monte in 1986, leaving a mark on the side of the Pajarillo mountains. Since then, this Argentinian village has lived off UFO tourism. It's currently hosting its annual Alien Festival.
Tarek El Aissami
Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking
Tarek El Aissami has been the target of U.S. law enforcement for years over his alleged ties to Venezuela's largest convicted drug trafficker and a Middle Eastern militant group.
Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the center of the so-called Panama Pape...
Founders of Panama Papers law firm arrested after raids
The partners of lawfirm Mossack Fonseca were arrested after being linked to a massive Brazilian bribery scandal. Ramon Fonseca has accused Panama's president, Juan Varela of ties to bribes as well from construction giant, Odebrecht.
Promo Pruebas Chapo
In photos: This is some of the physical evidence prosecutors have against Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán
A 32-page court document prepared by the US Attorney's Office in New York contains these 11 photos that will be presented in the trial of the Sinaloa Cartel leader who was extradited to the United States Jan 19.
chapo entrevista rolling stone
Video of 17 minutes "interview" of "El Chapo" by Sean Penn
Rolling Stone magazine released the conversation with the boss of the Sinaloa Cartel
A participant of the Buenos Aires "tetazo" rallies against the...
Women in Argentina stage 'tetazo' protest
Hundreds of women participated topless Tuesday in a protest against what they called the censorship of and violence against women’s bodies.