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In photos: The truck in which 10 immigrants died in a Texas smuggling operation
The trailer was registered with Pyle Transportation Inc. in Schaller, Iowa. It was led by James Mathew Bradley Jr., a native of Clearwater, Florida. The 10 immigrants died of suffocation and dehydration.
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Another 20 immigrants found in a truck in Texas
The immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala were detected locked inside a container during a Border Patrol inspection, the latest in a series of people smuggling incidents at the U.S. border with Mexico.
Protesters outside the ICE office in San Francisco, calling for the rele...
Is it possible to have a civilized debate about immigration in the Trump era?
Univision News, in partnership with other media, will moderate a conversation in which people who support tighter U.S. immigration measures will spend a month in a closed Facebook group with others who think differently. The mission: to discuss one of the most polarized issues of the day.
These immigrants did not speak English when they arrived in the United States, but they still managed to shine.
Bill S.354 backed by President Trump stipulates that immigrants who legally enter the United States, as well as having a visa, must be able to speak English. If this had been the case in previous decades these great talents would never have shone in the United States.
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Answer these seven questions to find out if Trump will let you live in the US
Under 30 years old, with excellent English and a Nobel Prize ... Those are some of the merits that earn points in proposed legislation backed by Trump which would cut legal immigration by half.
Jeb Bush speaks out on immigration 3:05
Jeb Bush speaks out on immigration
The former Republican presidential candidate says a Senate immigration proposal that would cut immigration in half is flawed, but he backs idea of merit-based points system.
Jeb Bush on Trump: "The whole world’s been turned upside down."
Trump-backed immigration reform proposal not without merit, says Jeb Bush
The proposed Senate bill, known as the RAISE Act, introduced last week in Congress seeks to cut immigration in half. That was too drastic, Bush said in an interview with Univision News, but he likes other aspects of the bill, such as a skills-based points system. These days Bush is enjoying family time, watching ESPN and Univision soaps, while beamoaning Trump's lack of leadership.
With one month until DACA goes to court, Democrats urge Trump to save it
A group of Republican attorneys general has given the Trump administration until Sept. 5 to rescind the Obama-era program before they challenge it in court. Experts say DACA’s fate looks bleak, after the same legal arguments killed DAPA.
Mark Krikorian supplies Trump and others with studies that depict immigr...
Man of the moment: Mark Krikorian, the influential immigration hawk of the Trump era
The leader of Washington's most important "low-immigration" think tank had been waiting decades for plans to secure U.S. borders that include not only undocumented immigrants but also legal immigrants.
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Even immigration 'hawks' say a Trump-backed bill to limit legal immigration can't pass
President Donald Trump is pushing legislation by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, but leading Republicans see the measure as counterproductive.
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Memories from the back of a truck: here's how immigrants remember the journey to the U.S.
Univision News received more than 150 testimonies of Latinos who traveled by tractor-trailer to get to the U.S. from their countries of origin. Here are some of their memories.
Tales from the back of the truck.
"It's out of a horror film": We asked Latinos who migrated to the U.S. in the backs of trucks to share their stories
Extreme heat, claustrophobia, abuse and death: More than 150 Univision News readers told us about their dangerous journeys to the United States aboard packed tractor-trailers.
Brandon Rodrigo Martínez, one of the survivors of the tragedy tha...
Father of undocumented immigrant who survived the San Antonio truck tragedy speaks out
José de Jesús Martínez tells Univision his son is suffering the effects of having been trapped in the ill-fated tractor-trailer: days later, he can barely speak a few words. The father's anguish is only made worse by fears of detention and deportation.
Video: Man pretends to be a "bounty hunter" and extorts undocumented imm... 1:07
Video: Man pretends to be a "bounty hunter" and extorts undocumented immigrants
The footage shows a man wearing a badge, apparently from the local sheriff’s department, and claiming to be bail bonds agent. A lawyer then rebukes and questions his authority.
Agents lead Eduardo, a Mexican immigrant, to detention.
"Why do you deport your own people?": a day with ICE agents in California
Univision News went out with an ICE team searching for criminals in Los Angeles. So far this fiscal year, the team has arrested more than 5,481 undocumented immigrants.