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"Today I think those things happened in my life because they had a...
"In Guatemala there is a lot of violence against children. You have no way out."
Ale, a 17-year-old indigenous immigrant from Guatemala, is currently a student at Met West High School and part of the 67 Sueños program in Oakland.
Undocumented 'Dreamers' from across California come together to...
California schools respond to students' fear of Trump
From meditation to soccer to art therapy, public schools in California are finding ways to help undocumented students navigate their emotions as they face new immigration policies.
These are six key questions to ask now and as the health care debate con...
Here are six questions to ask about the new health care plan being considered by Congress
As Washington DC ponders a new plan for our health care, Americans are likely overwhelmed by the political noise and frustrated by the policy confusion. They must ask questions of lawmakers.
African American women suffer from structural racism and are sometimes m...
Maternal mortality in the U.S.: Why African American women die four times more often than white women
The Fusion documentary "Death by Delivery" looks at the disparity in the number of African American and white women who die from complications during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.
salud proyecto ojos
Undocumented immigrants struggling with trauma find relief in alternative therapies
EMDR has been scientifically proven to reduce traumatic experiences in just a few sessions, but access is still limited by cost and other factors, like language.
With therapy, Abad confronts the trauma of migrating from Mexico
Therapy used for U.S. veterans finds success among traumatized immigrants
Hispanic therapists are using cutting edge treatments to help immigrants heal from trauma. Many are undocumented or are victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse. A therapy known as "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing," or EMDR, works to lower the intensity of emotions and memories.
Aleida Barragán: "Es muy duro porque no te entienden y entonces tú...
'One must have patience, love and respect for the caregiver'
Univision spoke with four people who care or have cared for sick relatives. Among their tips: 'Seek help' and 'learn about the disease.'
Paula Navas, 37 años, madre de siete hijas, padece las consecuenc...
Hungry in Venezuela: 'We were never rich, but we had food'
Scarcity forces many Venezuelan households to scavenge for food.
salud trasplantes univision
For undocumented immigrants, it's easier to donate a kidney than to receive one
At least 1,500 of the 2.7 million undocumented people in California suffer from renal failure. The symptoms and constant need for medication make their lives an exercise in resilience. This is the story of how five men – connected by turns of fate and profound acts of charity – tried to work around the kidney transplant system to save one another.
salud dentista cuidado
Seven essential reminders for a healthier smile in 2017
It’s the new year; you’ve probably made resolutions to eat better and exercise more for a healthier you. Whatever your goals, don’t forget that your oral health is part of your overall health and your smile is one of the first things people notice. So here are seven essential reminders to start your year off right.
Former Agriprocessors employee Jonas Ordenes, center, at a prayer vigil...
How a major immigration raid affected infant health
In 2008, 900 federal ICE officers conducted the largest federal worksite immigration raid in U.S. history, in Postville, Iowa. Two researchers found that Latino infants born after the raid were 24 percent more likely to be born at a low birth weight than those born before the raid.
The most common cause of bad breath is poor dental hygiene.
These tips will help you eliminate bad breath
Two students from the NYU College of Dentistry explain, under the supervision of Dr. Analia Veitz-Keenan, the most common causes of Halitosis and how it can be fixed.
"We're the only crazy people with an antenna." The Argentine radio that... 6:58
"We're the only crazy people with an antenna." The Argentine radio station that broadcasts from a psychiatric ward
A group of Argentines diagnosed with mental illness set up a radio station from where they broadcast their experiences
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Working Through Gridlock to Find a Path to Cures
“After countless hours devoted to roundtables, whitepapers, hearings and drafts, today Cures has bipartisan support and endorsements from over 700 organizations representing the full spectrum of stakeholders, and the strong support of the Administration.”
Problems with the gums can add to other problems, such as the side effec...
A dentist can help detect diabetes
During National Diabetes Month, dentists Debra M. Ferraiolo and Analia Veitz-Keenan, from the NYU College of Dentistry, explain signs and symptoms of diabetes that can be identified during a dental checkup.