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Volunteers collect aid for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico
The island was left without power since Maria made landfall on Wednesday. The airport has reopened and aid is beginning to flow.
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Find updated information about your town in this Puerto Rico search engine
Univision News created this tool whereby you can write in the name of a municipality and you will get the latest information available about the situation there (IN SPANISH). In addition, Univision News wants to help readers on the island and abroad who are trying to contact friends and relatives. In order to do this we have reporters in Puerto Rico and a team in Miami networking via social media and local radio, using apps such as WhatsApp and Zello. We are constantly updating information: if you do not find news about your town, come back later or help us stay up to date by telling us what you have learned.
A family looks at the remains of their destroyed home in Guayama, Puerto...
"I want to know if my old folks are okay": communication desperation in Puerto Rico after Maria
The wrath of Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without telephone and internet service. Millions of people, both on the island and in the United States, are trying to find out about loved ones. In some hard-hit areas like Yabucoa and Humacao police and emergency services have had trouble communicating with each other.
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Exclusive video: The devastating path of Hurricane Maria across Puerto Rico, from Yabucoa to San Juan
Two reporters from Univision News followed the track of Hurricane Maria, starting from the southeast where the eye made landfall all the way to the capital. This is what they saw from the road ...
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Puerto Rico cut off after Maria, without power throughout the island
The island's airport is closed and the electricity grid collapsed leaving families in the dark about the fate of their relatives. President Donald Trump approved a federal disaster declaration for Puerto Rico to speed up recovery. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said it would open an air bridge from the mainland on Friday, with military planes flying to the island daily carrying water, food, generators and temporary shelters.
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In photos: This is what Hurricane María left behind in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria crossed the island of Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane knocking out electricity and causing widespread flooding as rivers burst their banks. These are some of the images of the island post-Maria. (Images from Efe and AFP)
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VIDEO: A swollen river rages through streets after the passage of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
An "extremely dangerous" Category 4 hurricane, Maria made landfall near Yabucoa in southeast Puerto Rico, causing widespread flooding across the U.S. territory of 3.4 million inhabitants. Maria caused rivers to flood all over the island. This video was taken in Guayama, on the south coast.
Puerto Rico braces for Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico in eye of Hurricane Maria, poses greatest threat in "generations."
Widespread flooding from rivers was reported after Maria's "catastrophic" winds made landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning as a very strong Category 4 hurricane. Earlier it devastated the tiny island of Dominica, and swiped the Virgin Islands, where residents are still recovering form Irma.
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“The building is about to come down, the walls opened up,” says witness of Mexico’s earthquake
After a strong earthquake shook Mexico City, thousands of people evacuated their homes. The epicenter was 7.5 miles southeast of Axochiapan, in the state of Morelos.
Maria is the 13th named storm of an already busy 2017 Atlantic hurricane...
Maria poses a threat "that we haven't seen for several generations," says Puerto Rico Governor
Maria's "catastrophic" winds blew off roofs in tiny Dominica, before aiming for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. "You have to evacuate. Otherwise, you're going to die," said Hector Pesquera, the island's public safety commissioner.
Maria is the 13th named storm of an already busy 2017 Atlantic hurricane...
Hurricane Maria intensifies into fearsome Category 5 threat to Caribbean, days after Irma
Forecasters said that Hurricane Maria erupted in strength as it neared the Leeward Islands on Monday evening. It now poses a "real threat" to Puerto Rico, according to Governor Ricardo Rosselló.
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Colombian owner of Hollywood nursing home was previously charged with suspected Medicare fraud
Federal authorities waived the lawsuit after defendants paid $15.4 million. Among them was a doctor who was later singled out for committing the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history.
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The immigrants of Immokalee; overlooked after Irma
Not far from the wealthy mansions of Naples, many immigrant agricultural workers in Florida lost homes in the storm and now worry about their farm jobs. Many of those affected live in mobile homes, which could not withstand the hurricane-force winds.
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IN PHOTOS: How immigrant farm workers in Immokalee, Florida fared during Irma
The storm's fury ripped the roofs off flimsy homes of immigrant farming families in one of the poorest corners of southwest Florida, the agricultural fields of Immokalee, a few miles inland from the canals and wealthy mansions of Naples.
President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, right and Vice Preside...
Trump says legislative compromise on Dreamers is feasible, but base is upset
The Trump administration says no amnesty for Dreamers, but deal "could include legal citizenship over a period of time," leaving many analysts scratching their heads.