David Díaz en la cárcel estatal Pleasant Valley, en el condado de Fresno...
This man has been imprisoned for 19 years, but the victim and a witness say he's innocent
David Diaz of Los Angeles has served 19 years of a sentence of 37 years to life in a state prison for attempted murder. The victim affirms Diaz’s innocence and the key witness has confessed to "randomly" accusing Diaz under police pressure.
A la edad de 18 años, poco antes de ser detenido por la Polic&iac...
In photos: This man's been in jail for 19 years, but the victim and witness say he's innocent
David Diaz has been behind bars for half of his 38 years. He is blamed for attempted homicide, although evidence suggests he has been the victim of an injustice.
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Between fear and pride: in hostile climate, Hispanics wonder if it's still safe to speak Spanish
In recent months, several Latinos have become victims of racist incidents after speaking Spanish in public. Now, some say they’re torn between a fear of using their mother tongue in public and claiming language as an essential element of their identity.
As of Wednesday, there were 126 voting locations set up.
These are the U.S. cities where Venezuelans can vote in Sunday's plebiscite
The opposition has set up more than 120 polling stations where Venezuelans can express whether they agree with Maduro's Constituent Assembly and whether they want a general election. Here's what you need to participate in the plebiscite from abroad.
Hispanics will make up half of California’s population by 2060
Hispanics stopped being a minority in California in 2016, and will account for 45.6 percent of its population in 40 years. Their presence in the state goes back 250 years, when Spaniards founded cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.
A produce stand at La Placita de Santurce farmers' market sells mostly l...
Don’t call it a comeback yet: The future of farming in Puerto Rico
Agriculture once represented a sizable share of Puerto Rico’s economy. Could a return to the land save the island from economic collapse?
In total, 19.8 million of the nearly 45 million total immigrants living...
Will Trump push Mexicans to naturalize?
A survey shows that only 42 percent of Mexican green card holders eligible to apply for citizenship had done so by 2015. That’s compared to 83 percent of the eligible population from the Middle East.
Joe Arpaio court sketch, June 26, 2017
Prosecutors use Joe Arpaio's immigration talk against him
The trial of the former Arizona Sheriff opened Monday over his defiance of the courts in traffic patrols that targeted critics say racially profiled Latinos.
Karla Amezola, former TV anchor at TV Estrella in LA.
She went from TV anchor to Uber driver after denouncing sexual harassment
Karla Amezola worked as a reporter and news anchor at a Los Angeles TV station, but was fired after she reported her boss for workplace harassment. Uber and Lyft have helped her get by as she looks for a new job.
María Guadalupe Güereca visits the grave of her son, Sergio...
Supreme Court sends case of Sergio Adrian Hernández, shot on Mexican territory by U.S. border agent, back to lower court
The Hernández Güereca family asked the Supreme Court if it could sue the border agent who killed their teenage son on the Mexican side of the border. Now the case returns to the Court of Appeals.
Martinelli and Pegasus contract
EXCLUSIVE: Panama's ex-president wiretapped Americans, according to court documents
At least two Americans were among those targeted by President Ricardo Martinelli, according to a witness affidavit in the Miami extradition case against the former president. Martinelli's lawyers say he is being framed by the current government of Panama.
Butcher Gerardo 'Tolo' Martínez in a scene from A Good Butcher.
A Hispanic butcher shows how Latinos have integrated in North Carolina
Documentary offers glimpse into a butcher's store where whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics are united by food.
Trump supporters in Cairo, Georgia
These are the five types of Trump voters and their feelings about Latinos
A new study provides details on the president’s various groups of supporters, whose vision on race and identity vary greatly. The most racist among them have cold feelings toward Latinos.
La mansión estilo mediterráneo de cinco cuartos y seis ba&...
How former Mexican governors used the United States to embezzle billions of dollars
Among properties purchased in the United States is a $7.6 million mansion in Miami, which is part of a Mexican investigation into the former governor of Veracruz.
Nabra Hassanen and Darwin Martínez Torres
Murder of Muslim teen takes on new importance as accused killer is announced as undocumented Latino
Anti-immigrant activists are using the murder of Muslim teenager Nabra Hassanen, allegedly committed by Salvadoran immigrant Darwin Martinez Torres, to promote their agenda against undocumented immigrants. It further underscores a delicate moment for race-relations in the United States.