Emma González

Emma Gonzalez: for calling B.S. on the NRA

Emma Gonzalez: for calling B.S. on the NRA

To mark International Women's Day, Univision honors 15 incredible Latinas who are innovating in fields from sports to science.

Emma González
Emma González

It was three days after a young man armed with an AR-15 entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and shot 17 people dead when one of the survivors, 18-year-old Cuban-American Emma Gonzalez, took to the microphone at a rally on live television.

Her words were direct, and she left the crowd speechless. She was furious, but stuck to a clear objective: the need for gun control. To Donald Trump she said: “No more thoughts and prayers. It’s time for action."

Soon after, Gonzalez and three other survivors of the shooting began the #NeverAgain movement. Together they have more than 2 million Twitter followers - Gonzalez alone exceeded 1 million within 15 days of opening her @Emma4Change account. Gonzalez tweets to politicians and those who push conspiracy theories about her and her friends. She cracks jokes with her fellow activists and even recorded a video as she shaved her head.


“I’m 18 years old, Cuban and bisexual,” she wrote in an essay in Harper’s Bazaar. She says if victims like her don’t take the reins, adults will bury the dead from another shooting rampage.

In a now famous CNN town hall, she thanked Mr. Foster, her government teacher, without whom she said she could not have written her now famous speech. Her activism has rallied celebrities such as George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey, who have donated $500,000 each to the Never Again movement. Gonzalez and her friends have organized a national march on March 24. The ‘March for our lives’ is shaping up to be massive.

Meanwhile, Emma González has become a protest icon, a leading activist and the darling of the media. The Washington Post even called her the face of a new generation of Latinos.

Emma Gonzalez
For calling B.S. on the NRA
Marlen Esparza
For revolutionizing women's boxing
Germaine Franco
For bringing Mexican music to the big screen
Rita Moreno
For redefining what it means to be 86
Alianza Nacional de Campesinas
For bringing marginalized farmworker's voices into the #MeToo conversation
Diana Trujillo
For getting us closer to Mars
Princess Nokia
For infusing rap with punk rock, feminism and 'Afrolatinidad'
Candi CdeBaca
For fighting gentrification in a changing Denver
Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski
For breaking barriers in the exploration of space and time
Cristina Martínez
For daring to talk about undocumented restaurant workers
Geisha Williams
For leading California into a green energy future
Elizabeth Guzman
For taking her immigrant story to the Virginia legislature
Reyna Montoya
For encouraging undocumented youth to dream and heal
Maria Hinojosa
For putting Latino stories front and center
Gabby Rivera
For being the first queer Latina to write for Marvel Comics

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The passage of the most powerful cyclone to hit the Caribbean island reduced Roberto Atienza's coffee harvest to a sorry 15%. "This year’s will be the worst ever," he says after remembering that it’s been five years since the last good harvest. Resigned to starting over, he reckons that the Hacienda San Pedro will take at least 10 years to return to normal. But the hurricane also left something positive: "I have never seen so many people so willing to help others," he says, adding that the lesson will help them to begin to value the things that are truly necessary.
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Acusan a empresa de Jared Kushner por falsificar información y acosar a inquilinos en Nueva York
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En Los Alamitos, California, discuten medida que excluiría a la ciudad de la ley santuario aprobada en el estado
El Concejo Municipal de Los Alamitos escucha argumentos a favor y en contra de una proposición que rechazaría la ley SB-54, firmada por el gobernador Jerry Brown en octubre pasado con el fin de ampliar la protección para los inmigrantes indocumentados. El concejal Warren Kusumoto argumentó que su propuesta se basa en que la medida que convierte a California en estado santuario viola la Constitución.
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Reportan la aparición de un paquete sospechoso en un parque al noreste de Houston
Investigadores y un equipo antibombas del Alguacil del condado de Harris acudieron al lugar para examinar una caja de cartón que tenía una luz intermitente. Algunos residentes del área fueron evacuados.
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