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Neither Democrats nor Republicans are communicating with Hispanics: Univision poll

75% believes Donald Trump’s government is not doing a good job.
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25 Jun 2019 – 12:00 PM EDT

Hispanics warn that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party should take their vote for granted in the 2020 presidential election, according to a new exclusive poll from Univision News.

Only half of the respondents, 55%, think that Democrats are doing a good job communicating to them and more than a third think that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans care much about Latinos. However, 42% of respondents say that Republicans are hostile and only 22% think that Republicans do a good job communicating to them.

More than a year before the 2020 presidential election, Univision is publishing the first survey that polls presidential preferences for this cycle in a representative sample of Hispanics who are eligible to vote. The survey includes information related to the election, such as preferences and evaluation of pre-candidates; intention to vote; and general trends looking to the general election. In addition, the survey presents a representative thermometer at a national level of what Latinos want to see in a candidate heading towards 2020 and for the first time in this cycle; as well as a series of questions on immigration and border security with more than interesting results.

Certainly, immigration will be a relevant issue in this election, especially for Latinos, and will be key in the aspirations of whomever wants to occupy the White House in 2020. In this sense, the survey reveals that more than 77% say they feel Democrats take Latino immigrants’ votes for granted and that they have not done enough to reform the system. A similar amount, 76%, says that the rhetoric of the Republican Party on immigration makes them feel the party does not want Hispanic immigrants in this country.

However, although it is unquestionably important, immigration is not the only significant issue for Latinos. In fact, respondents consider lowering the costs of the health system and improving the salaries and income of families as the most significant challenges facing their communities. The creation of jobs is also another issue that respondents consider important and one that Congress and the president should address.

Even when Hispanics feel that they do not have the due attention of political parties, their positions seem clear, as well as their enthusiasm towards 2020: 68% of respondents say that this election will be more important than 2016 and 74% report that they plan to vote in this election. Likewise, it is clear that no party should take for granted the vote of Latinos, and that candidates, both Democratic and Republican, will have to make a clear effort and concrete proposals if they want to mobilize the Latino vote.