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A large number of Hispanics support a wall with Mexico, but they want asylum seekers to receive opportunities as well

An exclusive Univision News poll shows that a significant percentage of eligible Hispanic voters agree with one of Trump's most controversial solutions to the immigration crisis.
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25 Jun 2019 – 12:00 PM EDT

More than a third of Latinos agree to some extent with building a border wall with Mexico, as proposed by President Donald Trump, in an attempt to stop undocumented immigrants from entering into the country.

And although a similar proportion considers that these immigrants pose a threat to national security, more than double think that Central Americans should be treated fairly when it comes to processing their asylum claims, according to a survey conducted by Univision News among Hispanics who are eligible to vote.

When asked if they agree with building a barrier between Mexico and the US to control immigration, 63.7% reject the idea completely or partially, but a remarkable 36.3% agree in some way.

The figure coincides with the number of Hispanics who consider Central Americans seeking asylum a threat to national security.

But contrasting these results with the proportion of respondents who say Central Americans should receive a fair treatment in their immigration procedures, gives us an idea that the reasons for supporting the construction of a wall can vary widely.

In the general survey, 22% say that protecting the rights of immigrants is one of the most important issues that the president and Congress must address (after improving salaries and reducing the cost of health care).

Dreamers, minors who were brought to the US by their undocumented parents, continue to enjoy support among the Hispanic public. A slight majority, 51%, completely agree that they should be given a path toward citizenship, a position 33.4% agree with in some respect.

Less overwhelmingly, but also in the majority, is the opinion that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must undergo a profound reform (even be abolished): 67.4% agree with this idea promoted by activists and some Democratic politicians after the excesses committed by authorities executing Trump’s zero tolerance policy became known, a policy that involves separating thousands of children from their parents.