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Detained by a Dictator: the inside story of the Ramos-Maduro interview

The inside story of how Jorge Ramos and his team were granted an interview with Nicolás Maduro, and how the Venezuelan leader walked out of the interview, confiscated their equipment, detained them for more than two hours and later forced them to leave the country.
2 Mar 2019 – 5:09 PM EST

The Venezuelan government made the bizarre claim that the interview was not authorized. But that was after it had ended and Maduro had stormed off.

But Jorge Ramos explains that his team was invited to Venezuela by Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez, and they were issued journalist work permits. How else could they have ended up in the palace sitting down with Maduro?

In his weekly Facebook Watch show Jorge explains what how the interview took place and what else he saw in the three days he was in Caracas, including a moving visit to a hospital.

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