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"It's really taken its toll on us." First responder describes life on covid-19 front lines

First responder Anthony Almojera in NYC talks about his experience confronting the equivalent of a 9/11 on a daily basis. “We’re tired, we’re doing 16-hour days. Most of us will go into multiple cardiac arrests a day, myself last Sunday, I went to 13 cardiac arrest in 16 hours. Morale is low… E.M.S. has never been given the resources they need. We’re the lowest paid in the city. The EMT that passed away (Gregory Hodge), if they (officials) don’t consider it a line of duty death, his family won’t receive death benefits, which are not the same as the other agencies. His family only gets three years pay, whereas Fire and Police Department, their families will be taken care of with pay and medical benefits for life. It’s really taken its toll on us. But, you know, we’re doing what we can.”
17 Abr 2020 – 05:42 PM EDT
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