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The chronology of Luis Lovo's mental problems after he was put into an ICE punishment cell

Luis Lovo was held for 22 days in a punishment cell at the ICE processing center in Stewart, Ga., in 2016. He was deported to El Salvador and told his story from there. His testimony is part of the Solidary Voices project, which unveiled more than 8,000 cases like Lovo's from 2012 to 2017 in those types of centers.
Por:: Tamoa CalzadillaySuchit Chávez (Plaza Pública),
5 Jun 2019 – 04:01 PM EDT
Luis Lovo in his house in El Salvador where he lives with his sister. Crédito: Suchit Chávez/Plaza Publica

During the 22 days that Luis Lovo spent in a punishment cell at an ICE processing center in Stewart, Ga., a lot of things happened to his mind. “I got sick.”

He was taken to a rehabilitation center, and when he returned they locked him up again. He tells his story from his home in El Salvador, three years after his nightmare and deportation.

'Solitary Voices' is a journalistic project coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and The Intercept, in which participated: Univision and NBC (in the United States), Grupo SIN (Dominican Republic), Mexicans Against Corruption (Mexico) and Public Square (Guatemala).