Beneficiarios del programa DACA y miembros de asociaciones por los derechos de los inmigrantes se reunieron para ver el primer discurso del Estado de la Unión de Donald Trump en Los Ángeles. El presidente le dedicó más de 15 minutos al tema migratorio en su presentación.

Immigrant groups offer grim response to Trump's State of the Union speech

Immigrant groups offer grim response to Trump's State of the Union speech

"We strongly reject the president's plan, we are not going to sacrifice our parents who have already sacrificed so much for us, the president's plan is radical and supremacist," said United We Dream (UWD), the main organization representing "Dreamers".

Trump explica los cuatro pilares de su plan de inmigración que contempla una solución para dreamers y un "gran muro en la frontera" Univision

"There has never been a better time to start living the American Dream," Donald Trump announced in his first State of the Union speech, but they were hollow words for millions of immigrants in the country, not to mention possible future applicants.

In his Tuesday night speech the president doubled down on his proposal to increase border security while cutting legal immigration in return protect the so-called "Dreamers" from deportation.

But immigrant advocates, as well as their Democrat supporters in Congress, said the president's proposal was a non-starter. With the congressional clock ticking down towards a March deadline to decide the fate of 1.8 million young immigrants brought by their parents to the country when they were children, immigrant groups said the prospects for a political deal were not good.

Echoing his "America First" policy, Trump sought to redefine the label "Dreamers," which has come to represent the best and brightest of young immigrants. "Americans are Dreamers too," he said.

Trump's proposal, announced last week, includes offering a path to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion to build the wall on the border with Mexico and strengthen border security, limit legal immigration, cancel a visa lottery system and accelerate deportations, among other controversial measures.

"We firmly reject the president's plan, we are not going to sacrifice our parents who have already sacrificed so much for us," said Juan Manuel Guzmán, director of governmental affairs with United We Dream (UWD), the main organization of Dreamers in the United States,


"The plan presented by the White House and defended tonight by the president is radical and supremacist," he added, speaking shortly after the speech ended.

El presidente Donald Trump durante su primer discurso sobre el Estado de...
Transcript of President Donald J. Trump's State of the Union Address
Complete transcription of the President's remarks to the Congress of the United States. This was the first State of the Union address given by president Trump and his second joint-session address to Congress.

Dreamers fear that, if Trump's framework of immigration principles is approved, the federal government will have the necessary resources to put into operation a powerful deportation machine that will have, among its objectives, the other nine million undocumented people living in the country, including their parents.

"We did not expect a change" in the president's position, says Gabriela Pacheco, a Guatemalan-born immigrant leader and director of programs at TheDream.US. "Trump has always been the way he is with immigrants, from the day he announced his candidacy in June 2015. He talks badly about the countries where we come from and has a perception that we are less."

Regarding Trump's immigration plan, Pacheco said that if approved by Congress, "this is going to get worse ... our families will be left unprotected and that's not right."

Trump invites gang victims

Trump's speech offered no new details or a sign of willingness to compromise. Instead, he stuck to his now familiar anti-immigration rhetoric, using the death of two Hispanic teenagers at the hands of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) to paint an ugly picture of the destruction in society caused by young Hispanic gang members, reminding his audience that immigration is responsible for crime and violence that exists in the country.

The parents of the victims were among the White House guests in the audience and received one of the longest standing ovations of the evening.

Elizabeth Alvarado, Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas, parents of child...
Elizabeth Alvarado, Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas, parents of children who were murdered by MS-13 watch as U.S. President Trump delivers the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives January 30, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Also a guest in the audience was Celestino Martinez, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) agent, who was hailed by Trump for his efforts to tackle MS-13 gangs in Long Island, New York.

Trump also used the argument that the threat of terrorism made tighter immigration policy was vital.

“In recent weeks, two terrorist attacks in New York were made possible by the visa lottery and chain migration. In the age of terrorism, these programs present risks we can no longer afford," he said.

Fact checkers pointed out that Trump's statement is only half true. The suspects in the two recent terror attacks entered the country thanks to a family connection and the diversity visa lottery program, but both appear to have been radicalized well after they entered the United States.

"President Trump had an opportunity to set a bipartisan environment that balanced security with compassion. Instead, he began and ended the immigration segment of his speech with murder and terrorism by a few outlier immigrants," wrote Ali Noorani, director of the National Immigration Forum.


The other nine million

Immigrant organizations also stressed that the president's plan only contemplates a path to citizenship for those 1.8 million Dreamers and ignores the other nine million undocumented immigrants also seeking to live the American dream.

That is despite the fact that, public views of immigrants have moved in a more positive direction over the past few years, according to recent data from the Pew Center.

"Most Americans say immigrants strengthen the country with their hard work and talents (65%), rather than burden the country by taking jobs and other resources," the Pew Center said on Tuesday.

An overwhelming majority -74% - "favor granting permanent legal status to immigrants brought here illegally as children, while just 37% favor substantially expanding the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border."

Another Washington DC group, America's Voice, said Trump's position would depend on polling of his mostly white male political base. He will not back down on his immigration policy, the group said in a statement, "as long as he continues to believe that he has the backing of 30% of the most extremist, anti-immigrant and recalcitrant Republicans who took him to the White House in the 2016."

Maribel Hastings, the group's executive advisor, said: The coming days and weeks will be crucial for the future of Dreamers and immigrants in general ... and also for President Trump and the Republicans."

Agreement unlikely

Pro-immigrant members of Congress continued to insist on Tuesday that the president's plan, as it stands, is a non-starter. "I am still hopeful, but I don’t see this Congress and this President coming to an agreement that prevents the deportation of the Dreamers," said Illinois congressman, Luis Gutierrez.


"The White House agenda is to gut legal immigration in exchange for allowing some of the Dreamers to live here ... the Dreamers themselves have said they do not want legal status if it comes at the expense of others who will suffer more as part of the bargain. The speech did nothing to bring the pro- and anti-immigrant sides closer together."

"Irresponsible" proposal

"It seems that the president does not care about the chaos caused by his changing positions on immigration," said Jorge Mario Cabrera, director of communications for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). "Trump treats young immigrants (dreamers) and the Latino community the same way as a domestic abuser who violently attacks his partner and then says, 'I love you.' His lack of seriousness is irresponsible. "

The president's plan shows that Trump "unfortunately continues to listen to the whispers of white supremacists who do not hide their hatred of immigrants," he added.

"For the Trump administration we are a nuisance and they are doing everything possible to create a hostile society that forces immigrants to hide more or self-deport," he went on. "It is sad that he does not recognize that, thanks to the contributions of immigrants, this country is great, and that on our shoulders we carry the glorious future of this nation," he added.

Newly-elected Virginia House of Delegates member, Elizabeth Guzmán, who delivered the Spanish language response to Trump's speech on behalf of the Democratic party, criticized the president for replacing "equality with intolerance," and "mutual respect with racism."

Elizabeth Guzman with Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe in the state cap...
Who is Elizabeth Guzman, the Latina who will give the Spanish-language response to Trump?
An immigrant from Peru, a social worker, a wife and mother; Elizabeth Guzman says she will proudly share her personal story Tuesday night and demand that immigrants be treated with respect.

The Trump "machinery"

While the president's plan may not be able to immediately deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants, or nine million if the Dreamers are allowed to stay, but Arizona immigration attorney, Ezequiel Hernández, warned that "the machinery that goes with it, what Trump is asking for, would be worse every month in the years to come."

Hernández said Trump's plan, if approved, would close the door on finding a solution for the other nine million by exhausting whatever political capital there is in Congress on the issue. "There will be no leverage at all," he said. "It will seal the fate of all the undocumented people who have waited for years for an opportunity to legalize their stay in the United States."

Each year successively more people will fall into the system, "caught up by Trump's deportation machinery," he added. Furthermore, most of those would receive a 10 year ban on re-entry. "And there is no cure for that, unless the Congress changes the Law, " he said.


Lilia Velasquez, adjunct professor at the faculty of law at the University of California at San Diego, expressed similar concerns. "If extraordinary powers are granted to agents of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to deport immigrants, millions of people's rights will be affected," she said.

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( Additional reporting by David Adams)

El presidente afirmó que solo lo había aprobado por razones de seguridad nacional. Esta misma mañana había reclamado en su Twitter que no le habían dado suficiente dinero para construir su muro y culpó a los demócratas por la no inclusión de DACA en ese plan.
El proyecto de ley de gasto gubernamental para 2018 destina fondos al muro fronterizo y no contiene una solución para los dreamers. La legislación pasa al Senado y de no ser aprobada antes de la medianoche del viernes, produciría el cierre del gobierno.
En un minuto también te informamos sobre el arresto de supuesto ladrón de bancos en el Valle de San Fernando y las buenas noticias para los conductores que se les suspendió la licencia de manejar por no pagar sus multas.
Líderes demócratas y republicanos alcanzaron un acuerdo sobre el presupuesto federal para 2018 que no incluye una solución para los cientos de miles de jóvenes que llegaron en la infancia a Estados Unidos. El plan otorga 1,600 millones de dólares a la administración del presidente Donald Trump para la frontera, niega subsidios a Obamacare y destina fondos para la seguridad escolar. La propuesta no ha pasado a voto en la Cámara de Representantes o en el Senado.
Soñadores del Valle celebraron el fallo de la Suprema Corte que se da a pesar de los esfuerzos del estado de que sucediera lo contrario.
La Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos negó a Arizona la petición de no otorgar licencias de manejar a beneficiarios de DACA. Desde 2012, el estado ha intentado prohibir el documento a los jóvenes que llegaron al país cuando eran niños. La abogada de inmigración Claudia Arévalo manifestó que el gobierno estatal no puede hacer sus propias definiciones de las leyes.
La HB 258 obligaría a los beneficiarios de la acción diferida a tener una licencia diferente a la de aquellos que son residentes permanentes. Activistas opinan que esta medida va en contra de la comunidad inmigrante.
El alto tribunal se negó a escuchar la apelación del gobierno de Arizona a un fallo de una corte que prohibía al estado negar licencias de conducir a los jóvenes protegidos por el programa DACA.
Un juez federal estaría considerando ordenar a la Casa Blanca la cancelación de DACA, pero para crear uno nuevo que acepte más solicitudes. Abogados expertos en inmigración creen que esta decisión abre una nueva esperanza para que miles de dramers tengan una solución a su estatus migratorio.
El abogado experto en inmigración Ezequiel Hernández se refirió a la posibilidad de que un juez ordene recibir nuevas aplicaciones a DACA. Hernández pidió a los dreamers mantener la calma y no casarse con alguien solo para solucionar su estatus migratorio, pues insistió que si esto se hace de manera fraudulenta podría acarrear problemas en un futuro.
Con pancartas en mano, decenas de estudiantes de la preparatoria Theodore Roosevelt marcharon por las calles de Albany Park. La manifestación se llevó a cabo justo en el día en que un juez podría dictaminar que la administración Trump deba aceptar nuevas aplicaciones del programa DACA. La marcha concluyó frente a la Universidad Northeastern, sitio elegido simbólicamente para representar el sueño universitario que los jóvenes esperan convertir en realidad muy pronto.
El joven político con perfil demócrata conservador apoya a los dreamers, está a favor de deportar a indocumentados, se opone a la prohibición de armas de asalto, está de acuerdo con la seguridad fronteriza sin muro y piensa que la líder Nancy Pelosi debe renunciar. La agenda del presidente, incluso el tema migratorio, podría quedar paralizada si este partido triunfa en la Cámara Baja, el Senado o ambos.
Los demócratas afirman que han apoyado cinco propuestas bipartidistas para resolver la situación de los dreamers que luego han sido rechazadas por Trump. Beneficiarios de DACA aseguran que el gobierno quiere crear una atmósfera de terror para que menos personas vengan a este país.
El legislador republicano por Georgia consideró que el proyecto, que también incluía destinar 7,600 millones de dólares para mejorar la seguridad en la frontera, sería un arreglo temporal que al final iba a fracasar.
La propuesta republicana, apoyada por varias organizaciones conservadoras hispanas, también considera cancelar la Lotería de Visas y crear un programa temporal para trabajadores agrícolas. Esta no ampara a los padres de jóvenes DACA para que permanezcan en el país. Demócratas dicen que el tema migratorio únicamente se puede resolver con un acuerdo bipartidista.
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La protesta organizada por los sobrevivientes del tiroteo en la secundaria Marjory Stoneman Douglas reunió a miles de adolescentes y activistas en el centro de la capital. Estudiantes de todo el país buscan apoyo en los políticos para prohibir los rifles de asalto, detener la venta de cargadores de alta capacidad que permiten disparar rápidamente grandes cantidades de balas, aumentar la edad legal para poseer un arma y cerrar los vacíos legales en el chequeo de antecedentes de los compradores.
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