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Loteria with a twist.

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How To Play

Uniteria is a location based mobile game inspired by the classic Mexican game Loteria. Below is an overview of the screens and how to play.


Main Menu

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the main menu that will take you to all the important screens.


Starting Game Board

Like Loteria, Uniteria has 54 cards in a deck. At the beginning of each game, you will be dealt 9 cards. To win you must find cards to form a winning combination: 3 vertical, 3 horizontal, 4 corners, or 4 square.


Map View

Use the map view to find nearby card locations. A Uniteria deck is divided into 4 colors; there are 18 greens, 15 blues, 12 reds, and 9 golds. Strategize your route based on the color of cards on your game board. Or collect coins to buy more cards!


AR View

Once you are near a card switch over to Augmented Reality view and collect the card!



The best part about Uniteria is winning! You can play as many time as you like and climb the leaderboard!


Collect Prizes and Offers

Each time you win you recieve great offers from your favorite brands!

Win great deals and offers from your favorite locations

Explore, Collect, Play.

Get Uniteria today!


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Play Safe!

  • 1. Never play and drive.
  • 2. Watch where you’re going