Torres after scoring the winning penalty
Seattle's Panamanian hero steps up to notch decisive penalty
Roman Torres, the giant Seattle Sounders defender from Panama City, delivers his team their first ever Major League Soccer title. Cuban-born Osvaldo Alonso also plays captain's role.
El alemán aseguró que es momento de reflexionar.
Klinsmann, un crítico del sistema que no pudo revolucionar al fútbol de Estados Unidos
La Federación de Fútbol de Estados Unidos tiene una piel demasiado delgada cuando los extranjeros critican su sistema, y así lo demostró con la despedida a Jurgen Klinsmann.
Jurgen Klinsmann fired as U.S. soccer coach
Jurgen Klinsmann, a lone revolutionary in conservative U.S. soccer culture
Klinsmann was a foreigner in an American soccer culture which has very thin skin when it comes to critical outsiders. He upset the league and those who had worked to build it from its shaky foundations to where it is now.
Gooool!!! Rafael Márquez Álvarez remata de cabeza y anota para México
The curse of Columbus is over
The American fans will no longer chant ‘Dos a Cero’. The mystique that surrounds playing at the 25,000 venue in Columbus has been lifted after Mexico prevailed on US soil in a World Cup qualifier for the first time since 1972.
Dos bares de Clintonville, Ohio, con clientela política totalment...
La división política de EEUU contada a través de dos bares de Ohio
Dos mundos diferentes. En Clintonville, Ohio, los votantes de Trump y de perfil obrero se reúnen en el bar Eldorado's. Universitarios y votantes pro-Clinton acuden al Bob’s, el bar en la acera de enfrente.
USA vs Mexico, Friday night. The history between the two teams is marked...
Home field advantage? Friday's U.S.A. vs Mexico clash is being played on Trump turf.
Team Mexico doesn't like playing in Ohio where Mexican fans are hard to come by. A scoreline jinx that has seen USA grab a 2-0 win in the past four meetings dating back 15 years. Then there's the shadow of Donald Trump's election sweep of the rust belt.
Dos bares de Clintonville, Ohio, con clientela política totalment...
Election watch: a tale of two bars and a country divided (UPDATED)
In Clintonville, Ohio less educated, white Trump voters drink at Eldorado's. White, college-educated Clinton supporters tend to drink at Bob’s, the bar across the road.