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Ian Urbina
Ian Urbina
Periodista de investigación y director de The Outlaw Ocean Project.

Ian Urbina es periodista de investigación y director de The Outlaw Ocean Project, una organización periodística sin ánimo de lucro con sede en Washington DC que se dedica a investigar y a contar los crímenes contra los derechos humanos y medioambientales que ocurren en los océanos.

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Pub. 8 Nov 2022 – 11:24 AM EST
Act. 8 Nov 2022 – 11:24 AM EST

How the high-seas are both a dystopian netherworld and a place of impossible wonder

The seventh - and final - episode of The Outlaw Ocean podcast, discusses the importance of investigative reporting in a time of piracy, lax law enforcement and clickbait journalism.
Pub. 31 Oct 2022 – 02:55 PM EDT
Act. 31 Oct 2022 – 02:55 PM EDT

Oil spills aren’t the big problem; intentional dumping is

When a ship inadvertently spills oil, it’s big news. But according to an investigation by The Outlaw Ocean Project, a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington D.C, every three years, ships intentionally dump more oil than the Exxon Valdez and BP spills combined.
Pub. 26 Oct 2022 – 06:40 PM EDT
Act. 26 Oct 2022 – 06:42 PM EDT

A third of all fish is turned into something you never heard of

The Outlaw Ocean Project traveled to West Africa for an offshore patrol where hundreds of Chinese and other fishing boats trawl for fish meal production, cratering the local food source and polluting the coastline.
Pub. 25 Oct 2022 – 07:09 PM EDT
Act. 25 Oct 2022 – 07:09 PM EDT

How the high-seas became a metaphor for freedom

Abortion is legal on the high seas. Rebecca Gomperts is a Dutch doctor and founder of Women on Waves, a group that provides access at sea to medical abortions, which entail administering pills to induce miscarriage, for women who live in countries where abortion is restricted or criminalized.
Pub. 11 Oct 2022 – 11:46 AM EDT
Act. 11 Oct 2022 – 11:51 AM EDT

Slavery is not gone, is at sea

In this week's episode, The Outlaw Ocean Project examines forced labor is the South China Sea, specifically the Thai fishing fleet. Onboard a Thai fishing ship using enslaved labor, three dozen Cambodian boys and men worked barefoot all day and into the night on the deck.
Pub. 4 Oct 2022 – 11:41 AM EDT
Act. 4 Oct 2022 – 11:41 AM EDT

The discovery of the world’s largest illegal fishing fleet

The longest law-enforcement chase in nautical history, spanning 110-days and 10,000-miles, featured a bunch of vigilantes pursuing Interpol’s most wanted illegal fishing ship. Slaloming around icebergs in a deadly glacier field, cutting through a category 5 storm, this chase only ended when one of the ships sank. To discuss why illegal fishing is so rampant and unchecked, this episode takes us from the capture of the world’s most notorious scofflaw vessel in African waters to the seas off the coast of North Korea where we discover the planet’s largest illegal fishing. Listen to Episode Two of the new podcast series The Outlaw Ocean from CBC Podcasts and the L.A. Times.
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Pub. 26 Sep 2022 – 05:08 PM EDT
Act. 4 Oct 2022 – 11:25 AM EDT

How the mystery of a massacre at sea ultimately led to a conviction

A tireless investigation chronicles murder on the high seas. Listen to this dramatic first episode of the new podcast series The Outlaw Ocean from CBC Podcasts and the L.A. Times.
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Pub. 26 Dic 2021 – 10:22 AM EST
Act. 26 Dic 2021 – 10:22 AM EST

El otro muro: las prisiones secretas utilizadas para frenar a los migrantes

El periodista Ian Urbina descubrió las cárceles secretas que mantienen a los inmigrantes fuera de Europa. Para frenar la oleada de inmigrantes procedentes de África, la Union Europa los captura antes de que lleguen a sus costas y los envía a brutales centros de detención libios dirigidos por milicias. Esta es la historia de uno de ellos, Aliou Candé.
35 min de lectura