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2 Jun 2021 – 03:53 PM EDT

Why corruption matters in Central America

A group of 10 civil society organizations in the region have come together to form the Center to Combat Corruption and Impunity in Northern Central America (CCINOC in Spanish) to provide report cards on each country’s efforts to fight corruption.
16 Mar 2021 – 01:33 PM EDT

The crisis is in Central America, not the border

The solution to this problem cannot be a return to Trump-era policies of inhumane treatment as a policy of dissuasion. Family separation and forcing migrants to remain in makeshift shelters across the border is morally wrong and bad policy.
27 Ene 2021 – 04:23 PM EST

Biden's immigration policy needs anti-corruption focus in Central America

Biden needs to follow through on a proposed Central American regional anti-corruption commission. Otherwise, U.S. aid will not stop thousands of desperate people from fleeing countries that give them little hope to survive, much less flourish.
15 Dic 2020 – 04:42 PM EST

Picking up the pieces in Central America

Por:Kurt Ver Beek
The Biden administration should seize this opportunity to both improve the lives of Central Americans so they have an alternative to migration, as well as make long-term improvements in the region’s democratic governance that can improve citizen security and trust in government.
16 Jul 2020 – 01:05 PM EDT

Guatemala case reveals how corruption perpetuates itself in Central America

Events unfolding now in Guatemala's Supreme Court are a colorful illustration of how systemic corruption is baked into the system and cripples efforts to strengthen the rule of law, ensure accountability in government, and fight corruption.
24 Jun 2020 – 03:50 PM EDT

Las señales contradictorias socavan la credibilidad de Estados Unidos en Honduras y Centroamérica

Estados Unidos haría bien en evitar compartir inteligencia sobre la lucha contra el narcotráfico con el presidente de Honduras, quien podría estar vinculado a los narcotraficantes, según fiscales de Nueva York.
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24 Jun 2020 – 10:40 AM EDT

Contradictory signals undermine U.S. credibility in Honduras and Central America

The United States would be prudent to avoid sharing counter narcotics intelligence with the President of Honduras, someone who could be tied to drug traffickers, according to prosecutors in New York.
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21 Dic 2018 – 03:38 PM EST

A clarion call for action in Nicaragua

The Ortega regime is betting that the holiday season and domestic priorities will keep the world from realizing the full extent of its barbarity in suppressing peaceful dissent. Intrepid human rights investigators have just released a report to ensure that doesn’t happen.
17 Dic 2018 – 02:38 PM EST

Un llamado a la acción en Nicaragua

El régimen de Ortega apuesta a que la temporada vacacional y las prioridades nacionales evitarán que el mundo se dé cuenta de cuán barbárica ha sido la supresión de la disidencia pacífica. Audaces investigadores de derechos humanos acaban de publicar un informe para garantizar que eso no suceda.
24 Oct 2018 – 05:19 PM EDT

Poniendo en perspectiva la caravana de los migrantes

“La caravana no es una afrenta a Estados Unidos o a Donald Trump, es una decisión lógica y racional para protegerse a sí mismos y a las familias de un mayor riesgo”.
23 Oct 2018 – 04:08 PM EDT

Putting the migrant caravan in perspective

The caravan is not a middle finger to the United States or Donald Trump – it is a rational and logical decision to protect oneself and one’s family from greater risk.
25 Ene 2018 – 11:19 AM EST

Can Honduras avoid a third political crisis in less than 10 years?

The poorest country in Latin America needs to depoliticize its electoral system and guarantee an independent judiciary. Without these steps, efforts to stamp out corruption will be impossible.
25 Ene 2018 – 11:16 AM EST

Cómo puede Honduras evitar una tercera crisis política en menos de 10 años

“Uno de los países más pobres y violentos del hemisferio debe comenzar despolitizando el sistema electoral y garantizando la independencia del Fiscal General del país y el Tribunal Supremo”.