U.S. professional sports reaching out to Mexico, bucking Trump nationalist wave
The NBA plans to open a minor league in Mexico City that could begin competing as early as next season. It will also open a basketball development and training academy in the city, its seventh such academy globally. The NFL says it will play a game in Mexico every year through 2021.
Fans packed the stadium in Pachuca Monday.
Women's soccer league in Mexico draws huge crowds
Years in the making, Mexico’s women’s soccer league began in July with 16 teams spread out across the country. Now, matches are packing stadiums.
La maratón de la ciudad de México atrajo a 28,000 corredor...
La carrera de los 5,000 tramposos: fraude descontrolado en el maratón de la Ciudad de México
Más del 15% de los corredores que cruzaron la línea de meta en el maratón anual del mes pasado no corrieron la totalidad del trayecto de 26.2 millas, ni siquiera la mayor parte de este.
Moreno vs Pettis in Mexico City.
Mixed martial arts has its sights set on Latin America
It remains to be seen whether Mexico will embrace mixed martial arts en masse. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans remain a dedicated fan base of boxing.
Mexico City Marathon attracted 28,000 runners. But how many actually com...
Fraud runs amok at Mexico City marathon
More than 15 percent of the runners who crossed the finish line in the annual marathon didn’t actually run the entire 26.2 miles – or even most of it, for that matter.