Eight youths who proved the power of dreaming.

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Photographic journey captures images of Dreamers across the U.S.
After the Trump administration announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which shields 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation, French artist JR led a project that captured portraits of Dreamers across the U.S. Two photo-booth trucks made several stops so that undocumented youth could add their faces to the series. Univision News followed the journey.
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Dreamer Generation
Experience the inspiring stories of eight young undocumented immigrants as told through 3D action figures.
Dreamer Generation: Paola Angy Rivera 3:32
Dreamer Generation: Paola Angy Rivera
Paola Angy Rivera, who starred in a documentary about her immigration story, gives advice and support to young undocumented immigrants.
Dreamer Generation: Jose Machado 3:05
Dreamer Generation: Jose Machado
Jose Machado was only 15 when his mother was arrested and deported.
Dreamer Generation: Walter Barrientos 3:07
Dreamer Generation: Walter Barrientos
Walter Barrientos traveled by train to Chicago to participate in a conference on the Dream Act. But midway through the trip, the train suddenly stopped.
Dreamer Generation: Julio Calderon 3:03
Dreamer Generation: Julio Calderon
Julio Calderon was born amidst violence in La Ceiba, Honduras. He left everything behind to start a new life in the United States.
Dreamer Generation: Cristina Jimenez 2:57
Dreamer Generation: Cristina Jimenez
Cristina Jimenez took the stage at an event to promote the Dream Act. Then something surprising happened.
Dreamer Generation: William D. Caballero 3:10
Dreamer Generation: William D. Caballero
William D. Caballero is a filmmaker who uses 3D printing to tell stories.
Dreamer Generation: Lorella Praeli 2:59
Dreamer Generation: Lorella Praeli
Lorella Praeli lost a leg in a traffic accident in Peru when she was just two years old. But another accident is threatening to take away something even more valuable.
Protesta DACA  NY
Así fue la cobertura minuto a minuto de la decisión de Trump de cancelar DACA
El fiscal general, Jeff Sessions, fue el encargado de anunciar el fin del programa que protege a cerca de 800,000 dreamers de la deportación. Cientos de personas protestaron en varias ciudades del país para mostrar su rechazo. Washington y Nueva York han anunciado que demandarán al gobierno por esta medida.