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Así se observa la cantidad de plástico sobre el océ...
'Sea of plastic' forms off coast of Honduras
A British photographer captured images of a dense carpet of plastic garbage covering ​​several miles of sea between the Honduran islands of Roatán and Cochinos Cays. It contained everything from plastic knives and forks, to bottles, food wrappers and shoes.
Politics of Death: 'Am I next?' Deadly waiting game for Honduras land activists
Watch 'Worth Dying For?': a new film about how the murder of famed activist Berta Caceres has unleashed a wave of activism across Honduras
Los granjeros de café recogen frijoles en Chiapas, México
As climate changes, Mexico struggles to keep coffee industry abuzz
A severe outbreak of disease could be the first of many climate-induced challenges in Chiapas, Mexico’s coffee-growing mecca.
Caboco Juruna from the Juruna village of Miratu in the Paquiçamba Indige...
An Amazon community braces for "monster" gold mine
The Volte Grande Project on the Xingu river is destined to be Brazil’s largest open-pit goldmine. But activists fear the environmental impact on indigenous communities.
EPA personnel collect water samples along the Louisiana coast after the...
Trump may reverse US climate policy but will have trouble dismantling EPA
History suggests that it may be harder to make radical cuts at EPA than Trump and his advisors think. While many politicians have called for eliminating entire cabinet agencies, none has succeeded.
The silent victim of Colombia’s long war: the environment 6:35
The silent victim of Colombia’s long war: the environment
A half-century of armed conflict has left behind 8 million victims in Colombia. It has also affected the country's unique natural resources. We explore the war’s impact on Colombia’s environment.
Donald Trump
In hottest year in history, the U.S. elected a president who doesn't believe in climate change
Scientists have warned of the damage Trump would cause if he meets his campaign promises.
Amendment 1 could end up making it much harder for people to install sol...
Are Florida voters about to pass a sham solar amendment?
Amendment 1 was put on the ballot by utility companies and has been widely criticized. But most voters don’t know that.
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The funniest wildlife photos of 2016
A group of international photographers and photo editors found the funniest animal photos of the year for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards.
A man carries sacks of rice at a warehouse in the capital, Port-au-Princ...
How to help Haiti? The debate over Hurricane Matthew relief effort
A "massive response" is needed in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, officials say. But what's the best way to help? Some volunteers warn of lessons learned from the 2010 earthquake.
A Wayuú ranchería sits on the horizon of La Guajira's expansive desert.
Climate change threatens Colombia's largest indigenous group
Colombia is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. In the dry north, the climate crisis is already forcing people out of their homes.
This boy was being treated for cholera in Les Anglais
"Horrific" scene in Haitian town in the eye of Matthew
The humanitarian crisis is even worse than imagined in Haiti, as the death toll could reach 1,000. Small coastal communities cut off with residents starving as cholera spreads.
Environment Capponi19.jpg
In pictures: Haiti's post-hurricane relief effort underway
Many communities in southwest Haiti are cut off due to Hurricane Matthew and are desperately in need of food. Miami businessman Michael Capponi spent three days flying around Haiti to inspect storm damage and deliver food to survivors in the devastated hillsides outside the city of Jeremie. He sent us these photos.
An aerial view of Jeremie taken from the helicopter on a recce fight on...
Witness to Matthew's destruction
U.N. photographer Logan Abassi shot these photos on Wednesday and Thursday after Hurricane Matthew passed over southwestern Haiti.
On the water front of Jeremie where houses were battered by the storm su...
Matthew, the bird's eye view of a photographer
United Nations photographer Logan Abassi was among the first to witness the path of destruction left by Hurricane Matthew along the remote southwestern peninsula of Haiti. A veteran of previous natural disasters in Haiti, Abassi was not prepared for what he saw.