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"La pelea no se pospone, la lucha continúa",dice dreamer sobre DACA
La dreamer y abogada Dulce García y la directora de United We Dream Cristina Jiménez nos dicen por qué estamos en un punto crítico, qué esperan de los republicanos y lo que planean hacer ahora.
La creciente demanda de programas bilingües ha obligado a los administra...
La educación bilingüe está de moda. Irónicamente esto puede perjudicar a los estudiantes latinos
En Washington DC, como en otras partes del país, la demanda está disparada entre los angloparlantes nativos por un programa que fue diseñado para los inmigrantes latinos. ¿Quién debe tener prioridad?
In their own words: A 4th grade immigrant student in The Bronx tells us... 1:49
In their own words: A 4th grade immigrant student in The Bronx tells us about her latest project to move on to the next grade.
Arlette tells us how she feels about her reading project, the main activity of children in her grade.
"Today I think those things happened in my life because they had a...
"In Guatemala there is a lot of violence against children. You have no way out."
Ale, a 17-year-old indigenous immigrant from Guatemala, is currently a student at Met West High School and part of the 67 Sueños program in Oakland.
Undocumented 'Dreamers' from across California come together to...
California schools respond to students' fear of Trump
From meditation to soccer to art therapy, public schools in California are finding ways to help undocumented students navigate their emotions as they face new immigration policies.
Pequeños y valiosos: el momento más valioso 2:54
Pequeños y valiosos: el momento más valioso
Giselle Blondet comparte sus experiencias más valiosas de Pequeños y Gigantes.
Los hermanos viven lejos de sus padres y se apoyan en el resto de la fam...
Double Challenge
The children in migrant farm worker families struggle to graduate from high school on time and get into college. Moving from state to state with the harvests and working long hours in the fields makes this all the more challenging.
Protest against hate in Brooklyn, New York.
Swastikas and 'build the wall' chants among incidents being denounced by teachers across the U.S.
A survey of 10,000 K-12 educators confirms an increase in hate incidents in classrooms following the elections.
Protests in New York
Universities demand that campuses be made sanctuaries for undocumented
Students and teachers at universities across the country protested Wednesday, urging protection for their undocumented peers. The Republican president-elect has promised to suspend Obama's executive actions on immigration.
Student Latinos En Power Foto
Hispanic students perform better when their teachers and administrators are Latino, too
Texas schools show Latino student performance improves when there are more Hispanic teachers and members of boards of education.
On the road to College
Cassandra Martinez, a 17-year-old American of Mexican descent, not only has to do her homework and start preparing to go to college, but must become a second mother to her younger siblings.
The invisible children
Ever, Alejandro and Virgilio, the Moreno brothers, are part of a family that has to work in the fields to make ends meet. It's been nearly impossible for them to stay in school and achieve their academic goals.
Eduardo Luján Olivas
After university pulls scholarship at last minute, Dreamer raises almost $24,000 for studies
An hour and a half before his first day of classes, Eduardo Luján Olivas was told that his $20,000 scholarship was given by mistake and would be taken away. Undeterred, Luján raised even more than he needed through a crowdfunding campaign.
Jose 9
Studying while undocumented
Lacking documents is a major barrier into higher education in the United States, but people like José Reza prove that talent and effort make it possible to break past that barrier. Once inside, however, José will have to overcome many other challenges.
Abismo de género en una profesión
Girls who want to be scientists face the gender gap in a male-dominated field
Determined to break into STEM fields, a group of girls from Peru, Mexico, Chile and the United States head to science camp.