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The capture of 'El Chapo': this was the first arrest of this drug trafficker in chapter 6 of the series

Joaquín Guzmán Loera arrived in Guatemala with the purpose of establishing his empire in Central American territory. But he had bad luck, his enemies had ready his apprehension, the first one of his criminal career. This was told in Chapter 6 of the series 'El Chapo'.
14 Jun 2017 – 01:05 PM EDT
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As a fugitive, 'El Chapo' decided to flee from Mexico and take refuge in Guatemala in order to manage his growing drug empire. He, his mistress Chio and his gunman Toño began operations without difficulty. But they did not suspect that their enemies were following their footsteps and were waiting for the right opportunity to catch them.

Once in Central America, Joaquín Guzmán Loera searched for Herrerías, leader of drug trafficking in Guatemala, to offer him a society. Guzmán Loera promised him about 40 million dollars after a pending business in El Salvador, but Herrerías warned him that they would close such partnership only if he managed to cross the drug.

From the trunk of a car to be under arrest

In order to enter El Salvador, the Sinaloa native trafficker hid himself in a double bottom trunk of a car. When seeing the agents inspecting the car, 'El Chapo' did not hide his fear of being discovered, but fortune smiled to him and was able to pass the border.

The DEA decided to join the operation of capturing El Chapo when they learned that he had 5 tons of cocaine and could be the largest seizure in Central America. In an unexpected move, Guzmán Loera was surprised by the anti-drug agency and while cornered, his only choice was to return to Guatemala.

With the failure of his large business in El Salvador, the Mexican capo asked to speak with Herrerías, with the purpose of requesting his entry into the ranks of his organization and starting from scratch. But his enemies had already closed all doors so, his capture was imminent.

Lieutenant Rosado, head of Guatemalan army, met him in a fake meeting with Herrerías and arrested him. When he was surrounded, El Chapo offered him a million and a half dollars in exchange for his freedom. The lieutenant accepted the bribe, but did not step back in his decision and gave noticed to the president about the capture of the most wanted drug trafficker.

The Mexican president was notified immediately of such apprehension, and thanked the Government of Guatemala for its cooperation. Amado learned of the arrest too, knowing that El Chapo was finished, Amado believed that he could continue dominating the drug trade without opposition.

The rise of 'Don Sol'

While finding that in the past General Blanco had been accused for multiple rapes against women, 'Don Sol' seized the opportunity to remove him from his way in his rise to the political career.

Don Sol had hunted his prey. The reporter that he had contacted, gave him a copy of the report she had written, where all the crimes of the general were exposed. Blanco's fall was definitive, the report would be published the very next day on the front page in one of the most important Mexican newspapers.

However, 'Don Sol' moved another piece of his chess. He appeared before the president of Mexico to warn him about the delicate report and advised him to give a call to the owner of such newspaper to stop the publication.

After his timely and valuable warning, the president congratulated and granted him an important promotion within his trusted men.


Alejandra is the woman who loved 'El Chapo' when he was nobody

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Alejandra is the woman who loved 'El Chapo' when he was nobody

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