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'El Chapo', the most wanted fugitive: what was seen in chapter 5 of the series on Joaquín Guzmán Loera

The Mexican drug trafficker became one of the most wanted men in the fifth chapter of the series 'El Chapo', which shows how he uses his influences and money to try to establish his operations center in Central America. His enemies are still on the prowl.
14 Jun 2017 – 12:51 PM EDT
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In 1993, after the murder of Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo cardinal, 'El Chapo' became the most wanted criminal by the Mexican authorities. Amado (head of drug trafficking in the country), Blanco General and Don Sol, decided to blame him for the death of the priest.

Avendaño brothers decided to take refuge in Los Angeles, California, and wait for the political climate stabilization after their participation in the shooting at Guadalajara Airport, where the cardinal was murdered. However, Benjamin and Ramon took advantage of that time to plan their revenge against those who had betrayed them, starting with Amado.

The betrayal of 'Don Sol'

As Blanco General assistant, 'Don Sol' had witnessed negotiations between drug lords and the Mexican government. At the same time, he had suffered the general's rudeness. But such offenses did not destroy his spirit and hunger for power.

'Don Sol' really wanted an important position in the Mexican government. And in order to achieve it he challenged Blanco General, starting a dangerous plan to reveal his criminal background.

With the support of a colleague from the Attorney General´s Office in Mexico, he obtained Blanco General´s secret files and discovered that in the past he was accused for raping several women. So, 'Don Sol' gave the information to an outstanding journalist immediately with the purpose of destroying the general´s image before the public opinion.

Stay of 'El Chapo' in Mexico City

Joaquin Guzman Loera traveled cautiously from Tonala to Mexico City with the intention of crossing borders and reestablishing its operations center in Guatemala. But before that, he had to complete a large business in El Salvador. His financial situation was worrisome, because the money he had buried in barrel had spoilt.

With the help of Chío (his mistress) and 'El Güero' Palma, 'El Chapo' got enough resources to move its corruption machinery and to buy authorities in order to reach Central America. Before his journey, Joaquin Guzman changed his identity: shaved his mustache and changed his name to Jorge Ramos.

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Opulence in the world of drug trafficking

But the Sinaloa drug trafficker needed more guarantees to get out of the city. Accompanied by his gunman Toño, he asked two policemen to lead them to his boss. Then, face to face, 'El Chapo' revealed his true identity and offered two million dollars in exchange for being escorted to the exit of Mexico City. Once again, dollars were opening the doors of freedom.


'El Chapo' Guzmán, Toño and Chío entered Guatemala without any problems, but were unaware that Amado had noticed Blanco General about their plans to reach there and supervise a major cocaine delivery in El Salvador. When discovering his itinerary, the president of Mexico gave a call to his Guatemalan counterpart to ask for his help in the capture of the capo.

While crossing the border line between Mexico and Guatemala, 'El Chapo' already had a foot in jail without knowing it.


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