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‘El Chapo’ got his revenge and the Avendaños are finished

With no time to waste, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán put a master plan in motion to take care of every single one of his enemies.
2 Oct 2017 – 11:23 PM EDT

The army follows Joaquín (Marco de la O) very closely. Thanks to the microphone they planted inside his eldest son’s car, they know he’s hidden in Tamazula. They send a special troop after him, and he barely manages to escape together with Antonio, his right-hand man. He now hides in Mazatlán and begins to plot revenge against the Avendaños, for which Conrado Sol’s (Humberto Busto) participation will be key.

'El Chapo' took care of his enemies, the Avendaños

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For Don Sol, this is a decisive moment: the new alliance with ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán is fragile and has to be treated delicately. In a secret meeting, they agree to eliminate Ramón Avendaño first so that his brother, Benjamín, is left to the mercy of the authorities. If Joaquín delivers Don Sol’s enemy, he’ll become a free man and his process of extradition will be archived.

Using all his financial resources and Antonio’s help, Joaquín spreads his corruption network to include even the army and the special forces. In the meantime, he manipulates Carlillos, a former assistant who now works for the Tijuana cartel. 'El Chapo' blackmails him into participating in Ramon’s murder, and he also kidnaps her sister Araceli in order to pressure him. Carlillos ends up betraying the eldest Avendaño brother by summoning him to Mazatlán in the middle of the 2002 carnival. Ramón is killed in the middle of the street. Carlillos and his sister will pay their treason with their lives, and even more so now that Joaquín abandons them, knowing how volatile his former’s assistant’s loyalty is.

Now in control of the whole situation, Conrado arranges a sexual encounter with a male prostitute as a way of celebrating his return to power through the front door. The president has to agree to his terms, and his wife, who had previously used Don Sol to her own advantage, has to accept him in her husband’s team as general commissionate of the Federal Police. He earns this post with Benjamín’s arrest, obviously thanks to ‘El Chapo’, who now counts with the army to help him hunt down any drug lord that stands in his way towards controlling all the cartels.

The episode’s masterful ending shows Joaquín, victorious and facing all the drug traffickers except Raciel, who still refuses to join the proposed federation, which is why he must be eliminated. That will be Joaquín’s next step, and this time he’ll have Don Sol’s support.

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