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'El Chapo' gets into Almoloya prison in Chapter 7 of the series

The Sinaloa drug trafficker was transferred to Mexico to begin a life in prison after his capture in Guatemala. This was Chapter 7 of the series on 'El Chapo' Guzman.
14 Jun 2017 – 01:18 PM EDT
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After being captured in Guatemala, 'El Chapo' was transferred by the army of that country to the border with Mexico. Joaquín Guzmán Loera was traveling in the back of a van, while his captor, Lieutenant Rosado.

Once they reached Mexican territory, General Blanco was in charge of receiving and leading him to a maximum security prison. During the flight to prison, the Sinaloa drug trafficker asked to speak with him to negotiate his freedom. 'El Chapo' revealed he had evidence that a close friend of the Mexican president´s brother had ties with drug trafficking.

When the general learned about it, contacted the president, who ordered him to keep the capo isolated in order to avoid that he spread the information.

The rise of 'Don Sol'

After removing General Blanco's past and disclosing the raping accusations against him, Don Sol became part of the president's trusted men. When finishing with the general´s image, Conrado became the new emissary and coordinator of the operations between drug traffickers and the government.

His first task was to organize a press conference to present 'El Chapo' Guzman as the most important criminal in Mexico. Additionally, the president asked Conrado to negotiate keeping in secret the ties of his brother´s friend with the organized crime.

The general was called by the president and during a meeting he notified him about his removal. Blanco discovered the journalist identity who wrote the report against him and immediately looked for her to find out who was planned it.

The entrance to Almoloya penitentiary

Guzmán Loera already had a place in Almoloya, a maximum security prison. His gunman Toño and his lover Chío shared his fate. Upon entering jail, Don Sol asked to speak with the drug trafficker, as he would offer him a deal to keep safe his family in exchange for ratifying the official version of the Cardinal´s death and keep in secret the information about the president's brother friend ties with drug traffickers.

However, 'El Chapo' set his conditions by offering data that would destroy one of the president's biggest enemies. Then, 'Don Sol' promised to move him to a less rigorous prison in exchange for such information. The capo accepted and pointed out that the governor of Baja California, Ernesto Rubio (first candidate of the opposition to win an entity in 60 years), and his brother were in business with Benjamín and Ramón Avendaño, leaders of the Tijuana Cartel.

'El Chapo' accepted his fall

The Sinaloa drug trafficker fulfilled his word and ratified the government version on the crime of Posadas Ocampo cardinal. Furthermore, he said he is 36 years old, a father and a Catholic. During his appearance, Don Sol did not take an eye off him.

Then, he showed up in the courtyard of the prison together with Chío and Toño to be presented to the media. His family, Amado, 'El Güero' and Ismael were watching him from their televisions. His enemies was celebrating his reality, while his allies were regretting the situation.

'El Chapo' began a life in prison. From the very beginning he experienced the rudeness behind the bars. Guards warned him that all indiscipline would be punished.


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