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'El Chapo' fell into the government and Amado's trap: what happened in chapter 4 of the series

The Sinaloa drug trafficker became the number one enemy for the Mexican government and the 'Lord' Amado. Thus was the fourth chapter of the series on the life of Joaquin Guzman Loera.
14 Jun 2017 – 12:46 PM EDT
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After starting a war with the Avendaño brothers for the death of 'El Rayo' and the murder of 'El Güero' Palma family, 'El Chapo' would become the main enemy for the government and Amado, leader of drug trafficking in Mexico.

Death of Posadas Ocampo cardinal

On May 2, 1993, Guadalajara Airport became the scene of a conspiracy of Amado and the Mexican authorities in order to eliminate their rivals in a single blow.

The Avendaño brothers followed the tracks of Joaquín Guzmán Loera in order to kill him. Then, Ramón and Benjamin hired several gunmen, who began their search in Guadalajara. 'El Chino', director of the Police, was the one who gave the capos of Tijuana the information they needed to execute their plan and end with 'El Chapo', who would be at the airport on May 2.

The government, in turn, had in its sight to Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo cardinal, who used to criticize the authorities and lords of drug trafficking in Mexico from the pulpit, without imagining that his speeches were being recorded. On May 2 the cardinal was also going to be at the airport in Guadalajara to receive an important colleague. As he got out of his car, he was intercepted by several men who shot him to death.

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An eye for an eye: This was the chain of revenge without limits of the second chapter of 'El Chapo'

At the same time, Ramon and his men attacked El Chapo, who reacted furiously and forced his attackers to flee. Ramon managed to get on a plane so he would not be arrested by the authorities. Joaquin ran inside the airport facilities and accompanied by his gunman Toño moved away from the shooting scene.

The government and Amado´s conspiracy

After the confrontation at the airport, Amado, Blanco General and 'Don Sol' analyzed the results, as they had planned the confrontation with the aim of eliminating Posadas Ocampo cardinal and 'El Chapo', blaming the Avendaño for their deaths.

However, the shooting created confusion. 'Don Sol' advised them to leave it just like that and blame 'El Chapo' for the cardinal's murder. Joaquin gave a call to Amado to ask for his help, but an error by the lord of Ciudad Juárez, exposed his betrayal.


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