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'El Chapo' clings to his power from prison: what we saw in chapter 8 of the series

Joaquín Guzmán Loera went from being a fugitive to the most important drug trafficker captured by the Mexican government. We tell you how he lived his first days as a prisoner of Almoloya in the series 'El Chapo'.
14 Jun 2017 – 01:20 PM EDT
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After his arrest and imprisonment in Almoloya prison, 'El Chapo' discovered that could mean the end of his growing empire. In his early days as a prisoner he experienced the harshness life behind the bars: his cell was cold, the guards tough and the resting limited.

His fellows explained to him the routine of surveillance and told him that even die was prohibited in Almoloya. His family lived in the flesh the severity of prison, his mother tried to visit him, but the guards deferred security measures to avoid that she meets him. The other prisoners warned him that this tactic was to frighten him.

The General vs 'Don Sol'

After being removed from his position as the liaison between the government and drug trafficking groups, General Blanco looked for those responsible for his fall. He went to the journalist department, Gabriela Saavedra, who wrote the report that disclosed the rapes he committed in the past.

The general threatened her with a pistol and demanded her the identity of the person who had given to her the files of his case. While she was cornered, Gabriela confessed that 'Don Sol' was the one who planned everything. Then, Blanco did not tempt his heart and assassinated in cold blood the journalist, shooting at her.

Now that he knew his enemy´s name, he went to Conrado´s house to take his past full criminal file. But, 'Don Sol' discovered and forced him to get on a car to 'go for a ride'.

While the general was driving along the road, Don Sol watched him with a pistol in his hand. In order to try to escape from his enemy, Blanco speeded up and crashed the car into a tree. However, he failed, as 'Don Sol' survived the impact and seized the opportunity to murder his former mentor.

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Detrás de cámaras 'El Chapo': Así se grabó el accidente automovilístico de Don Sol y el general Blanco

When such news was disclosed, Conrado promised to the Mexican president that he would not rest until he found the responsible for his master's death.

Looking for Almoloya´s control

Joaquin Guzmán Loera began studying the prison movements as well as finding out about the guards´ life. His goal was to earn his loyalty to move freely. However, the mission was not that easy. While trying to corrupt one of them by offering him the resources to hospitalize one of his daughters, he received a beating and was confined in his cell without food.

But at the end, the offer was paid off. The custodian accepted the proposal, since his daughter´s health had worsened so, she needed to be hospitalized. 'El Chapo' Guzman noticed a change in the way the guards used to treat him. Furthermore, he finally received the visit from his mother, who strongly hugged him upon seeing him. The Sinaloa drug trafficker asked her not to worry about him, because he was eternal.

Thanks to him, his fellows received several sleeping pills that helped them rest.

But the truce was passing. Those pills would cause the drug dealer's new hell. One of his fellows, Ruben, was caught in possession of the sleeping pills and was severely punished. The prisoner was transferred to the most somber place of the prison: 'Los Acolchonados'. The prisoners told 'El Chapo' that it was better to be dead than being in that place.

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Almoloya de Juárez: This is the maximum security prison where 'El Chapo' was imprisoned

After a month of being isolated, Ruben returned to his cell. The drug trafficker thanked him for not betraying him, but he could not imagine the tragedy that was about to happen. Ruben returned in such bad conditions that he tried to hang himself in the sight of his fellows. The quick guards´ reaction prevented his suicide, but not his crying and desire to die.

Upon seeing his fellow prisoner devastated, 'El Chapo' asked the guard to take him to the doctor. After the guard refusal, he reproached him for the help he had given to his daughter. At that moment their pact had ended and the guard ordered the transfer of the drug trafficker.

The new cell of Joaquín Guzmán Loera would be 'Los Acolchonados'. How will you return from the worst isolation?


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