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'El Chapo' against all: this was chapter 3 of the series on Joaquín Guzmán Loera

The infamous drug trafficker, already turned into a lord, showed his most vengeful side in the third chapter of the series 'El Chapo'.
14 Jun 2017 – 12:25 PM EDT

The war between Joaquín Guzmán Loera and Avendaño brothers increased the division within the leaders of drug trafficking in Mexico. 'El Chapo' and his partner Heriberto 'El Güero' Palma were decided to take revenge the death of 'El Rayo', murdered by Ramón Avendaño.

After intense confrontations, Amado, the new leader of Guadalajara cartel, after the arrest of Miguel Angel 'The Boss of the Bosses', gathered both to sign a ceasefire, which would last a little. Benjamin and Ramon Avendaño carried out the murder of 'El Güero' family, which would be unforgivable for 'El Chapo'.

The attack at 'Christine' Club

"El Chapo" began a revenge and with the support of Ismael, lord of drug trafficking in Sinaloa, organized an ambush to end with his enemies. After Benjamin's birthday, Ismael met the brothers in a crowded nightclub called 'Christine', where a command under 'El Chapo' orders entered looked for the Avendaño. Ramon managed to escape through a restroom window, but his younger brother, 'Lobito', was captured.

Joaquin was decided to murder him, but Ismael persuaded him to stop his an eye for an eye campaign against families. 'El Chapo' listened to him, but did not step back in his war against the lords of Tijuana.

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