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Becky G rocks it as an animated character in new movie

Becky G's animated character is saving the world.
9 Ago 2017 – 5:47 PM EDT

The gnomes are saving the world from the aliens in the new animated flick "Gnome Alone". The film will be released to theaters on Friday, October 13th. The animated movie is about a young girl by the name of Chloe (Becky G) who moves into a house with her mom in a new city. The boy next door, Liam, introduces himself to Chloe while they're moving in. While settling in, Chloe finds the garden gnomes spead out throughout the house curious why they're not in the garden as they belong. Chloe later finds out that the gnomes are alive and are on a mission to protect the house from creatures from another dimension.

The head gnome (George Lopez) recruits Chloe and her neighbor to team up to save the world from destruction from the alien Troggs.

On a side note: Becky G teamed up with the Patrick Stump who is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy for the original song featured in the film's soundtrack.

Watch the trailer below for "Gnome Alone" featuring Becky G as Chloe.

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