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Univision 2012 new programming line-up at the Upfront

An exciting programming line-up available across Univision's Networks, more novelas, blockbusters, sports and news.
15 May 2012 – 11:15 AM EDT

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An exciting programming line-up of more than a dozen new primetime programs available across Univision’s television networks including blockbuster telenovela titles and Hispanic America’s most popular reality and entertainment programs, the digital initiatives being announced at Univision’s Upfront presentation include:

La otra Cara Soap Opera: This season TeleFutura will feature the first re-imagining of one of the most successful stories in the history of Spanish-language television, Televisa's hit novela “La Usurpadora” (The Pretender). However this time the novela gets reworked in the edgy, contemporary style of TeleFutura’s biggest hits and through the creative lens of the producer of “La Reina del Sur.” In “La Otra Cara,” twin sisters separated at birth cross paths after many years apart and one blackmails the other so she can take a year-long vacation with her lover. Suspense, intrigue and ruthless deception abound in this delightfully intricate story. (Primetime " TeleFutura)

Amor Bravio Soap Opera: A love story about resentment and revenge, Camila, a veterinarian, loses her fiancé and takes refuge working on her uncle’s cattle farm. There she meets Daniel, an idealistic Chilean man who is unjustly accused of something he didn’t do and he believes that Camila’s family is responsible for his misfortune. Daniel travels to Mexico and will stop at nothing until his name is cleared. When he meets Camilla it all changes. To find true love they’ll each be forced to face their fears and their past. Featuring crossover heartthrob Cristian de la Fuente and novela stars Silvia Navarro, Cesar Evora, Rene Strickler, Leticia Calderon. (Monday- Friday, Primetime " Televisa)

Univision Programming Fall 2012: Exciting programming line-up of more than a dozen new primetime programs available across Univision’s television networks including blockbuster telenovela titles and Hispanic America’s most popular reality and entertainment programs and the digital initiatives.

Univision Sports Programming 2012 "UDX": Univision Deportes is the destination for Hispanic sports fans, with product integration to showcase your brand, interactive media to enhance the fan experience and much more. 

Los Heroes del Norte Season 2: This comedic adventure narrates the fun of five characters that meet under the worst of circumstances and form a band in their search for stardom within the world of norteño music. Despite adversity, Zacarías interpreted by renowned Mexican actor Miguel Rodarte and his pals El Faquir, Don Apolinar, El Botarga and El Menonita find the key to success within the challenging world of grupero Mexican regional music, showing their fans and the world that even the most common of men can become heroes. (Primetime " Televisa)

TV Show “Mistico” Galavision: This original series follows an inquisitive and avid blogger as he travels across the world in search for answers about parallel realities, UFOs, paranormal encounters and other events of life’s unexplained mysteries. On the web, the host’s travel journals create interactions and opinions of eyewitnesses from around the world. (Primetime - Galavisión)

Univision News Programming: Univision will provide the best, most complete, in-depth coverage of the entire political season, empowering Hispanics with the news and information they need. 

Por Ella Soy Eva Soap Opera: A contemporary romantic comedy with a twist, Elena, a successful single mom falls in love with a macho man named Juan Carlos, but when he tricks her to win a business deal her heart turns cold towards him. To win her back he’ll do anything. And so, he is forced to swallow his pride and machismo, by transforming himself. He finds himself involved in a series of situations that force him to live in the heels of a woman named Eva. Featuring novela superstars Lucero and Jaime Camil, this novela is sure to be a comedy hit. (Monday- Friday, Primetime " Televisa)

Univision Special Events: 

“Sábado Gigante 50 Year Celebration” " The biggest stars and musical artists will cap off Univision’s celebration of the longest running variety show in television history. With an unprecedented yearlong cross-promotional effort building towards the big event, this special will honor “Sabado Gigante’s” contributions to the Hispanic culture in the U.S. (Primetime " Univision Studios)

“America Celebra A Chespirito” (America Celebrates Chespirito) " A primetime celebration of the ageless Roberto Gómez Bolaños, known best by his stage name

“Chespirito,” the creator and actor of “El Chavo.” The most-watched sitcom in Mexican history, “El Chavo” also delighted audiences across all of Latin America, Spain and the U.S. for over 25 years " reaching 350 million viewers worldwide. This highly anticipated special will bring together artists from around the globe to celebrate an icon. (Primetime " Televisa)

“Festival Acapulco: Juan Gabriel” " One of the most successful Spanish-language singers ever, Juan Gabriel has been a prolific force on the Mexican music scene since the 1970’s. With a repertoire that includes ballads, mariachi songs and light Latin pop, Juan Gabriel has been a constant presence on the Latin charts. After writing more that 1,800 songs, selling more than 120 million albums, and many other accomplishments, this celebration of his 40 years in music will be a show stopper. (Primetime " Televisa)


Telefutura Best Movies: The best movies EVERY night! That’s what TeleFutura viewers can expect as they are treated to Hollywood blockbusters seven nights a week. Movie aficionados have at last found their entertainment destination and it’s packed with action, adventure, suspense and drama. Epic movies such as: X-Men: The Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Tron: Legacy and much more will provide a first-class entertainment experience to viewers. (Primetime " TeleFutura)


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