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Last days of Summer! Back to School Tips to Make the Transition a Smooth One

26 Ago 2015 – 08:00 AM EDT

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Back to School Tips

So, maybe you let the routine slide a little this summer. The kids were staying up a bit later and the screen time rules went a little by the wayside. Fear not, there is still time to whip them (and you) back into shape before school is in full swing. These back to school tips have little to do with organizing supplies and much to do with preparing little ones for the major change that is about to happen to the laid back summer ‘routine’ they’ve been enjoying.

Start Early

If school starts in late August it’s best to take at least the last half of August to start easing back into the school year routine. Set alarms for a little earlier each day, make sure bedtime is slowly moving back to a decent time and restrict screen time if you’ve been a bit lax. Remember these are the last days the kids can play outside all day before the cold sneaks in.


Plan a little outing that has the whole family needing to get up and out of the house around the same time you do it during the school year. See how well the kids do to wake up early and be prepared to leave on time. Sure, going to the park with family is a little more motivating than getting up for school but it’s still good practice.

Stick to it

Keep it up and you’ll find transitioning into the school year will be far less painful. The kids (and you) will fall back into their old routines soon enough if you keep them going so it isn’t easy to fall back into the lazy days of summer.

Kids, especially the little ones, love back to school time. Parents love it even more. The one thing we don’t love is the early and sometimes hectic mornings that come along with it. Use these back to school tips to ensure the first day is a great one.