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Ricky and Friends

3 Ways I Recharge To Be A Better Dad

12 Dic 2013 – 12:00 AM EST

As parents, we obviously love our children, and we show them in a million ways every day. But sometimes we neglect the other relationships in our lives when having healthy connections and a supportive network is one of the best things we can do for our kids. And of course taking care of ourselves should top our to-do lists but rarely does. I’m definitely guilty of putting myself last.

Here are three ways I unwind, recharge, and grab some time for myself that helps me be a better dad:


Quiet time alone is hard to come by with a busy career and two active boys at home, but for me, it’s so necessary. Meditation brings me peace and allows me to refocus from the distractions of the day. Even just a few minutes at the beginning of the day makes me calmer and more able to be the dad I want to be for the boys.

Hitting the Waves

Being from Puerto Rico, I have to be near water. It just grounds me, so the beach is where I go when I need to feel centered. Sometimes it’s where I go to meditate, and other times a little fun in the sun is what the doctor ordered. This summer, I discovered kite surfing, which gets me out on the water and challenges me physically. It’s a blast! Plus, while I’m out there, all I can think about is staying upright, so it gets me completely out of my head.

Gathering Friends

If you’re like me, you’ve got a crazy busy schedule, so reconnecting with friends can feel impossible. Lately, I’ve started having dinner parties with large groups of friends because it’s easier for me to find one date on my calendar rather than many various dates to see everyone individually. While I miss hanging out with them one-on-one, these parties at least allow me to check in with them and tap back into the reasons why I love them in the first place.

Though I sometimes feel guilty doing some of my favorite activities apart from the boys, I also know I’m a better dad when I feel more fulfilled and grounded. How do you go about taking care of yourself?

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