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Third Child? Only Time Will Tell

30 Mar 2015 – 08:20 PM EDT

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Let me start this post off by saying, I love my family. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys (2 and 6 years old). But something inside me thinks that I might not be quite done. Is it a third child? When we go out to dinner or a friends house, it always seems like someone is missing. Who that person is, is left to be determined. But in my mind, it’s another child.

I often get asked if I’m going to try for that girl. To me, that’s not the important part. I’m not going to try again just to have a girl! It’s about having another person. So, the question remains, should we have a third child?

Of course, there are two schools of thought on this. First being that if we have another child, everything will fall into place. What’s one more? Things are already crazy! Just add one more to the mix and things should work out just fine! Money? We’ll figure it out! One more child means a big happy family and more play mates for my sons. They’re so smart, every one’s bound to get college scholarships!

But on the other hand, what about the two children I already have? Will I be able to give them the attention they need while dealing with an infant? Despite what I said above, I worry about money – a lot. Will we be able to provide for the third the way we can with the kids we have now? I mean, kids are expensive and that’s a major understatement. Will we have money for soccer practices and college funds?

What about me? My last two pregnancies were very hard. There was even a miscarriage along the way. But perhaps that’s a small price to pay for a new life.

As you can tell, my mind is racing with these questions. Only time will tell what is right for our family.

Moms, do you find yourself in the same boat when thinking of adding a third child to the mix?