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The First Day at School! Preparing for Their Tears and Your Own

25 Ago 2015 – 07:30 AM EDT

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It won’t be easy. In fact, letting your child go on the first day at school might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Your precious little one seems too small and too delicate to be thrust into the harsh reality that is a classroom. You fret about how they’ll get along, how they’ll make friends and if they’ll be able to manage the teacher’s expectations. As a Kindergarten teacher, and the mother of a little one heading to school this Fall, trust me when I say, they will be just fine. I’ve been telling myself the same thing, over and over. Here are a few things that are helping me get through the first day of school jitters.

Their Teachers Adore Them:

Teachers Call Their Students ‘My Kids’ For a Reason. I’ve yet to meet a teacher that doesn’t truly adore their class. Why else would we spend a large portion of their pay check to ensure the kids have the best year ever. We miss our students when we are not with them and we never, ever want them to feel afraid. Tell the teacher of your fears and they’ll know just the right thing to say to ease your worry.

They Need to Learn to Get Along:

School is the best kind of socialization a child can get. Even if you’re afraid to let them go, just remember they will be learning crucial skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. We learn much about the world in Kindergarten. Let them learn and grow with their peers. There are some things that only other children can teach them.

A Little Note From Home Can Help:

Throw in a little note in their lunchbox so they know you’re thinking about them all day long. This will give them the boost they need to finish out the day. Sure, for the most anxious little ones, it will be a tearful morning, but trust me, by lunch time they will be so caught up in the fun that they will be just fine.

Get in and Out Fast:

It is so important that you don’t linger on the first day of school. Walk them in and get them situated, sure, but then hightail it outta there before they start to think there is a chance you’re going to stay. The tears are for you, after all. When you are gone, they’ll decide it’s best to join in the fun because crying is no fun at all.

The first day at school is going to be tough. There is no denying that. There will be tears, begging and bargaining, too. And all that just from you. Try to remember that school is a good thing, and soon your little one won’t be looking back as they run to the school bus stop to catch up with their friends.