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How to Wean an Attachment to Stuffed Animals

14 Jul 2014 – 04:28 PM EDT

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When children grow up it is natural for them to form an attachment to stuffed animals or blankets. Children often use security blankets to feel safe and secure at night and to remind them of their parent’s love. Other kids won’t go anywhere without their favorite toy, stuffed animal, or blanket. Deciding when to wean your child off of their favorite toy or security blanket can be a difficult decision. Some parents decide to limit the object to only bedtime. Other parents decide to wean the child off of the object completely. When making this transition it is important to consider your child’s feelings and emotions.

Go Slow

It may take time to wean your child from their treasured toy or blanket. Some children form a strong attachment to stuffed animals and may feel sad at first. Take small steps when removing the object.

Timing is Everything

When weaning your child, it is important to consider timing. If there are other changes happening in your family then it may be best to wait. Many parents decide to avoid this task during major life transitions such as moving, divorce, or starting a new job. You may also want to consider establishing healthy sleeping habits before you remove the object so your child does not lose sleep.


When children have a strong attachment to a stuffed animal they may want a replacement when you take the object away. If the security blanket is used to remind a child of his parent’s love then consider giving the child a picture of his family instead of the object.

Be patient. If your child isn’t ready to give up his or her favorite blanket that is okay too. Children often get rid of objects on their own time frame.

What have you found to be most helpful when weaning a child from a security blanket?