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Why Shopping Local is the New Black

15 Oct 2014 – 05:34 PM EDT

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Se vale llevar algo nuevo, siempre y cuando la prenda o accesorio seleccionado te haga sentir más segura.
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I’ve tried talking to you about adding dollars to your local economy. I’ve tried reminding you that shopping local is crucial for environmental sustainability. I’ve even tried to scare you by detailing all the unknown factors that could be damaging to your health when you don’t shop local. As a last resort, to implore you to shop local, I will list reasons why shopping local will make you cooler, better looking and smarter.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

You get to carry around a canvas bag that says: Shop Local. This little accessory basically screams that you are hip and with it. Only the coolest people can carry them. To really pull off this look you should a large loaf of locally made artisan french bread sticking out of the bag. Inside the bag should be library books a sweater from a second hand store for those chilly days and if possible, Quinoa. Remember, to have the locally made bag facing the proper way so everyone can read the ‘shop local’ graphic. It is best if the bag is also made locally but beggars can’t be choosers.

Eating Local Will Make You Prettier

Well, that might not be exactly true, but it will prevent a lot of those things that take your pretty away, like dangerous chemical used in countries that don’t have food regulations. Do you feel me? So, if you want to look great eat what is grown in your own backyard. Literally, grow some stuff. Furthermore, there are local clothing and home goods shops that can make you and your home better looking. The big box store can merely help you match your clothing and decor to that of all your friends. The local shops can help you dress like an individual and you won’t be confused and walk into the side split next door and make yourself right at home because the big screen, the leather couches and the wall art are identical.

Local Food is Brain Food

If your food doesn’t come from abroad you can bet it contains fewer of all those things that scientists are constantly warning are harmful. It stands to reason then that our brains are better served with local culinary delights. This will make us smarter and therefore we can get into better colleges and get better jobs and make a better living. Do you see how that works? You really can’t afford to eat packaged and processed food or you’ll be going to your safety school.

If these three excellent reasons to shop local don’t have you dumping your evening of online shopping with a bottle of Merlot and Toblerone then I don’t know what will. Grab that canvas bag and explore your city for local shops and markets that can tell you every detail about the products they sell. Will you pay a fraction for local goods? Sometimes, maybe, but can you really put a price on reaching that level of cool in your community? Where is your favorite local spot to shop?