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How to Make a Child Feel Loved

19 Ago 2015 – 10:49 PM EDT

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I vividly remember seeing my first positive pregnancy test. The lines were so faint that I must have asked my husband to examine it 20 times. Once I learned that I was going to be a parent, I instantly loved this little baby with all my heart. As a mom-to-be, I wanted to know how to make a child feel loved.

My son is now 14 months old and the love that I feel for him is indescribable. There are moments that my patience is tested, my nerves start to crumble, and I almost lose my mind, BUT, my love for this little boy never waivers.

I’ve learned several ways to show my son just how much he’s loved.

Family affection: One day my husband gave me a hug and my son displayed a huge smile, dimples and all. When he sees my husband and I hug or kiss, he walks over to join. It truly is the sweetest thing to see how babies learn the power of affection at such an early age.
Positive reinforcement: When I give my son positive feedback it encourages him to keep going. I know this sounds simple, but he needs to know that I’m his biggest fan. When he manages to accomplish one of his goals (figuring out how to use his spoon) I make a huge deal so he feels encouraged and loved. Positive reinforcements throughout the day helps build his confidence.
Keep your cool and comfort: This is something I have to work on every single day. My son tests my patience, and there are days where it’s nearly impossible to stay calm, but it’s something I actively strive towards. I’ve found that when my son is very upset he responds well to being hugged, having his back rubbed, and explaining things at eye level.
Listen: Think of how upset you get when your spouse doesn’t listen. Then multiply that by 100. By listening to your child they learn that their voice is important.
Keep it Fun: When I act like a total goofball my son thinks it’s hysterical. Sure, there are times to be serious, but having fun with your children will create wonderful memories. Remember to climb in forts, play on the floor, and have dance parties.
Always say “I love you. This one never gets old.

I found this awesome list of ideas that give parents creative ideas how to make your child feel loved. I’ve printed it out and each day I use a different idea. It’s a really fun way to think outside of the box, and my son loves receiving affection in new ways.