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How To Build Confidence In Your Child: 3 Tips

21 Abr 2014 – 01:32 AM EDT

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Nowadays, it is essential that kids have some level of confidence to survive. Knowing how to build confidence as you grow up and on your own doesn’t always happen with ease. While some kids are raised in highly confident households, many kids are not and need the extra help along the way. Confidence is something that is built up over time and it is felt within when goals are met and when other people acknowledge our efforts.

Does your child have a healthy level of confidence? Kids are constantly growing and experiencing and you cannot have complete control of their feelings towards themselves on a daily basis. As a loving parent, you can assist in the confidence building within your child as they may be too young to notice how great they are doing at school, in sports and with their efforts at home. Give them the greatest gift of all – the gift of confidence.

Teach Your Child About Positivity

Many kids take on the positivity that is passed onto them by their parents. If your child does not understand the idea of positivity explain to them the power of a “happy thought” and how it can change your bad day into a good one. Positive individuals generally have a healthy level of confidence and many of them believe in the power of positive affirmations. Teach your kids to pick something they like about themselves every morning and get them to repeat it to themselves in the mirror or write it down a private notebook. This will plant the “self-confidence” seed.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

If you are not sure about how to build confidence in your child, a fantastic way to start is to acknowledge the little things they do around the home. When they draw you a picture, place it on the fridge for everyone to see how talented they are. If your child makes their bed without being asked one morning, say how proud you are of them. If your kid brings home a good report card, tell them that you are proud of them and that you believe they have so much to offer in school.

They Are Good Enough, Now

It is important to remind children that they are good enough today, now when they change this or that. Teach your child to be proud of who they are, how they appear and to be proud of their own accomplishments. Children also need to know that no matter what mistakes they make, that they are loved unconditionally. This is the type of love that creates confidence from within.

Remember, a child will hang onto everything their parents say about them and their accomplishments. A child will absorb compliments, positive comments and affirmations that come from their parents. The more that you validate your child’s efforts and tell them that they are loved unconditionally, the more they will shine.