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Crawling Out From Under a Winter Depression

12 Mar 2015 – 12:16 PM EDT

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As I write this, it’s snowing again. If it wasn’t adding to the already accumulated eleven and half feet that surrounds us, I might find it a pretty snowfall. Instead, those softly falling, perfectly formed snowflakes can go straight to…well, you know. This winter has been brutal in every sense of the word and in some parts of the world, like my little corner, it shows no signs of letting up. I’m buried both literally and figuratively and I need to find a way to crawl out of this winter depression.

In the mornings, when the alarm goes off, I feel angry and bitter and even a little sad because I am so tired and so very cold all the time. It’s still dark as I drive to work and I feel like I’ve already put a day in, what with wrangling the kids and getting out the door. I don’t have the energy left to face these days of bitter cold and mountainous snow. My children have been stuck inside for weeks with only school to break up the time between monumental snow storms. My husband can barely walk from back pain caused by incessant shoveling and I am officially done, because this winter has taken its toll.

So, because crawling back into bed and waiting until Spring is not an option I will raise one tired, frozen hand and begin the slow crawl out from under this winter depression and here’s how I am going to do it (because flying towards the sun is not an option):

Let There Be Light

No more hibernating behind drawn curtains and low lighting to hide the dirt of the house. The shades will be opened and the lights are coming on. The sun has to shine sooner or later, doesn’t it? The house will be clean, sort of, and it’s time to fake it until we make it.

Dig out the Grill

It’s time to make lemonade out of, well…one of those frozen canisters of lemonade. Then we can dig out the old BBQ and fire it up. Burgers and summer salads to help feed our bellies and add a kick to that lemonade to help feed our souls. Summer is just a state of mind, right? Right?!

Dream a Little Dream

Let’s close our eyes and dream of sunnier days. Days when the piles of snow don’t cover the street signs causing car accidents. Days when the record breaking cold doesn’t cause rage in normally kind and gentle people. Days when you need only worry about keeping the cooler full and your sunscreen near. Let’s dream about those days because these days are ruthless to say the least.

Well, there you have it–my only shot at surviving the rest of this winter. It might not be much but it’s all I could find in the arsenal this year. So, if you’re reading this while you vacation on a sunny beach somewhere, bite me, but if you’re buried in snow and cold like me–cheers to you and finding the end of this long, merciless winter.